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Frequently Asked Questions from the eWebinar Overview & Demo

Frequently Asked Questions from the eWebinar Overview & Demo

The best way to learn about eWebinar and how it works, especially if you are considering signing up for our free trial, is to attend our 20-minute overview and demo.

If you haven't done so already, you may sign up below.

eWebinar Overview & Demo (20m)
Hosted by  Melissa Kwan
​Tired of doing the same webinar over and over again? In this 20-minute overview and product demo, CEO, Melissa Kwan, shows you how eWebinar will allow you to create, host and automate your webinars in minutes. You'll learn why hundreds of companies are using eWebinar to scale their onboarding, training, and sales webinars and how they're getting their time and energy back because of it. At the end of the demo, you'll get a chance to sign up for a free trial so you can get started with eWebinar today!


We get a lot of questions from the attendees of our demo via chat. Here are the ones we get asked most frequently. We've also included a list of all of the articles and resources that were shared during the demo.









How much does eWebinar cost?

You can find pricing info at ewebinar.com/pricing.

Our plans start at $99/month USD after the free trial. Monthly subscriptions are based on the number of published webinars you have.

A published webinar can have an unlimited number of sessions and attendees per month. Drafts of webinars you’re still working on will not be counted in the monthly subscription price.


How do our self-adjusting subscription levels work?

At eWebinar, we only want you to pay for what you actually use, so your subscription level will automatically adjust to reflect the number of published eWebinars you have at any given time, and you'll be charged or credited accordingly for the remainder of the monthly billing cycle at a prorated rate.

Read this article to learn more about how our self-adjusting subscription levels work.

Managing Chat

Does someone need to be logged into eWebinar to answer chat all the time?

This is really up to you. We provide flexibility and let you choose.

“We offer multiple webinars a few times a day in the attendee’s timezone, and spend around 1 hour a day answering chats when we can. By using the automated welcome message and autoresponder, we’re able to set the attendee’s expectation of when they’ll get a response.”
Anett Vandor, Customer Engagement Manager, Later

Here's an article that explains all your options.


What if an attendee asks me a question and I’m not around?

You can reply later and they'll get your response by email.


How do I respond to chat from my mobile device?

eWebinar’s chat admin works on mobile. We also integrate with Slack, which means you can respond to chat messages directly from dedicated channels using the Slack app on your phone.

Attendee Experience


What's the difference between a video and an eWebinar?

We get a few different variations of this question, like:

"How is an eWebinar different from hosting a video on YouTube or Vimeo and embedding it on a landing page? Aren’t they both just videos?”

“Why make people go through the hassle of registering for a webinar when it’s pre-recorded?"

If you're asking yourself these same questions, check out this article on our blog.

Or you can listen to what two of our customers have to say on the topic:


Should I tell people my webinar is pre-recorded?

That’s totally up to you! The only thing that we (strongly) suggest is that you don’t lie to your attendees and say the webinar is live when it’s not. People are smart and will be able to figure out very quickly that your webinar is recorded. Being honest is key to building trust and credibility with your audience. Once you lose that, it’ll be very hard to earn it back!

You might find that in your webinar, it’s not necessary to say whether it’s recorded or not. It’s not an necessarily an important detail when you’re delivering evergreen content. In our demo, Melissa starts the session by welcoming attendees without any mention of anything else.

If you want to tell your attendees that your webinar is recorded, that’s up to you and a number of our customers also choose to do so — particularly if they want to set the expectation that chat messages won’t be answered in real time.

You may choose to start the webinar by saying, “Welcome to my webinar, this video is recorded, and I’ll be managing the chat. If I don’t get back to you immediately, I will get back to you through email as soon as I can.”

Check out this article for more script ideas on how to kick off your webinar.


Don't attendees prefer live webinars?

Actually, automated webinars usually provide a better experience.

An automated webinar is more available. Attendees can watch it at their convenience instead of having to wait for a live session that may or may not happen in their time zone.

You eliminate any tech issues, since automated webinars aren't prone to the kinds of problems that can ruin live webinars. The content is better because you’ve recorded your best version of it to put out there. It’s much less stressful for you than doing it live, which translates to a better experience for attendees. You're not having to present the webinar while also worrying about staying on top of chat, glitchy streaming video, or being watched by hundreds of people. Automated webinars never have an off day.

eWebinar delivers an experience that is more engaging than live webinars. Attendees don't just sit there and watch. They get to participate in what's going on, which makes it fun and interactive. Plus, every attendee can communicate live with you or your team at any time through chat. No question ever gets missed.


Will attendees feel tricked if they register for a webinar and find out it's recorded?

Automating webinars does not mean tricking attendees. Some of our customers tell attendees that the video is pre-recorded and the chat is monitored live, and it’s totally fine! People appreciate honesty and it’s all about how you set expectations.

Previous automated webinar solutions were designed with the intention to trick consumers (which has created a bad rep for automated webinars).

With eWebinar, it’s okay for customers to know it’s a recording because the experience and value they're getting is just as good — if not better — than a live webinar. They get to watch it when it works for them and, with live chat, they still get all their questions answered either in real-time or via email.


Will my prospects and customers engage with a webinar if it's not live?

With our interactions and live chat, the attendee experience of an eWebinar is actually more engaging and interactive than it is with live webinars.

“The problem with live webinars is that it’s prone to tech issues. With an eWebinar, I can create something and make it a perfect pitch. I can retain all the good and take away the bad and it still maintains that interactiveness where people can ask questions, participate in polls and calls to action. In fact, we're really starting to think why do any live webinars ever.”

— Greg Robertson, Cofounder, W+R Studios

Watch Greg's testimonial here


How is eWebinar different from the other automated webinar tools out there?

The two main features that set eWebinar apart from the other automated webinar tools out there are live chat and it's variety of interactions.

“When we had our previous system, people were leaving about 70% of the way through. Just by taking the same webinar and putting the interactions in eWebinar, we’ve been able to upgrade the amount of attendance that we're getting, more people are signing up, and people are staying longer. Our average is at 90%.”
— Kevin Andrews, Client Enablement Manager, BombBomb

Watch Kevin's testimonial here

Making of Our Demo Video


What did you use to record and make the demo video?

To record the video, we used Descript. They have a free video recorder you can use to record just yourself, just your screen, or you and your screen together, which is what we did for the product tour and why Melissa appears in a circle in the corner.

For the actual camera, we used Camo. Camo is an app that turns your phone into an incredible webcam without spending thousands of dollars on a DSLR.

For lighting and sound, we used a ring light with a desktop stand and a audio-technica AT2005USB microphone.

For the slide deck and final editing, we used Google Slides (which is free) and Camtasia. Using these two tools together — along with some animated GIFs — is how we created  the fun animated bits.

NOTE: Camtasia is NOT for beginners. Descript has an awesome video editor that lets you edit videos by simply editing an auto-generated transcript. If you can edit a document, you can edit a video with Descript.


What software and hardware do you recommend when creating a video for an eWebinar?

For a full list of all of our software and hardware recommendations, check out this post we wrote on the topic: Software and Hardware Recommendations: Recording a Video for an Automated Webinar.


What best practices should I follow when making my own videos for eWebinar?

To learn what best practices you can follow when putting together an eWebinar, you can either register for the webinar below or read this article, which is a summary of everything covered in the webinar.

Best Practices for Creating an Automated Webinar with High Engagement
Hosted by  Melissa Kwan
Learn how to plan your content from start to finish, plus scripts to get you started. How to craft an engaging, participatory experience. What tools to use when recording the video.

Getting Started


How long will it take for me to set up my first automated webinar with eWebinar?

On average, it takes new users about 10 minutes to set up their very first eWebinar — with no instructions required.

“When I was tasked with setting up eWebinar, I was worried about learning a new tool. But I was surprised by how easy it was to get set up. The tool is easy breezy to use.”

— Kristi Kennelly, Product Ambassador, RateMyAgent


Do I need to record a new video or webinar to create my first eWebinar?

Absolutely not! Repurposing existing video content, including replays of live webinars, is the quickest way to get started with eWebinar.

“I hosted a live webinar on another platform and created an eWebinar with the recording as the replay, then sent that link out as a follow up for attendees because everything is tracked and the reporting is so comprehensive.”
— Katie Evans, Training Associate, DotLoop by Zillow

Questions & Support


Who can I contact with questions before signing up?

You can email us at support@ewebinar.com. Or use the chat feature here on our website.


Where can I find a list of the articles and resources shared during the demo?

Here they are, below, in the order in which they were shared.

Where can I find how-to's and other support documentation?

You can find support documentation in our Help Center and also on our Blog.
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