When you integrate eWebinar with BombBomb, you can add videos to your reminder and follow-up emails — and boost results with a personal touch.

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Streamline communication and connect with your audience with in-email videos

While eWebinar comes by default with 7 pre-written yet customizable registration confirmation emails, reminders, and follow-ups for every webinar you create to ensure your registrants get all the event info they need to show up for their sessions and take action afterwards, these emails are just text- based — which means they're missing your personality and the power of video!

With this integration, you can easily insert BombBomb videos into your eWebinar email notifications — either by recording a new video on the spot or importing an existing video with a single click.

Humanize your confirmation, reminder, and follow-up emails to increase attendance rates and post-webinar conversions. Let your prospects and customers know who you are and that you're there for them. BombBomb + eWebinar will help you stand out from the competition!

Read this article on our Help Center to learn how to set up and get the most out of our BombBomb integration.