Does someone need to moderate live chat for every session of an eWebinar?

Outlines the flexibility you have when responding to chat messages

This is really up to you. We provide flexibility and let you choose.

When an attendee sends a chat message, you or whoever you designate will be notified. You can jump in and respond right away from your phone or desktop and chat with the person live, or you can respond later and correspond by email. Either way, you'll be able to get back to them.

As a general rule, if you are scheduling a session at a specific time and know a significant amount of people have registered, then it is a good idea to have someone there to moderate chat because the likelihood of a lot of people asking questions during that time is going to be high. But if you have something that is scheduled regularly and often, and only a small handful of people are registering for any given session on average, then you don’t need someone to be to monitor the chat.

TIP: If you hone your presentation before recording it, you may be able to lower the number of questions asked simply by learning to anticipate them and building the answers into the presentation itself.

If you are concerned about managing the expectations of attendees when you aren't able to get back to them quickly, edit your eWebinar, go to Settings, and turn on the Autoresponder. Customize the message you want attendees to get and set the number of minutes before the message goes out if the moderator doesn't respond.

Every business is different. Some of our customers want to respond immediately. Others are okay responding a little later. The most important thing is you have control over your schedule and can choose when and how quickly you want to engage.