Integrate eWebinar with Zoom and you can easily turn cloud recordings of the events you host in Zoom into interactive, automated webinars.

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Seamlessly import your Zoom cloud recordings to repurpose them as interactive, automated webinars

Do you already use Zoom to hold meetings online and maybe even host your live webinars?  eWebinar's integration with Zoom makes it possible for you to take the recordings you have of the events you host in Zoom, bring them into eWebinar with a couple of clicks, and turn them into automated webinars.  Read here how eWebinar automated webinars compare with Zoom meetings vs webinars.

What would have remained a simple video is now an engaging, interactive webinar you can set on a recurring schedule and make available as often and for as long as you like. Learn more about the power of using eWebinar to repurpose your Zoom videos as automated webinars. Or read this article explaining how to set the integration up. 


To set up the Zoom integration with eWebinar, login to your eWebinar account, or sign up for a free trial, and click Integrations in the profile menu. Or check out eWebinar's listing in the Zoom Marketplace.