Drive agent adoption and lower churn by offering training webinars 24/7 without EVER hosting live

With agents churning from and coming into the industry every day, there’s no amount of onboarding and training your team can do that’s ever enough. Closing new brokerage deals is exciting, but that’s step one to a long journey of driving agent adoption and engagement.

With eWebinar, you can automate all your onboarding and training and make sure agents get educated on your product as soon as possible. Agents can access your webinar sessions around the clock and be delighted with the interactive experience - you’ll never have to host another live event and still never miss a question through chat you can respond to at your own time. You’ll lower your own support, impress your customers, and you can focus on closing more deals without ever worrying about overloading your customer success team.

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Offer webinars that agents can actually fit into their chaotic schedules

Stop spending hours prepping for a webinar with little to no attendance. Set your webinars on a recurring schedule that agents can join when it’s convenient for them, even at nights and on weekends. They’ll be free from distractions after their showings and open houses.


Give agents an easy-to-use, interactive, and delightful experience

Webinars are browser based, mobile optimized, with no software download. Agents will never have issues joining, and once they’re in, they’ll be pleasantly surprised with pre-programmed polls, tips, offers, and more that will keep them interested until the end.

Automating webinars

Repurpose your time towards other revenue generating activities

Isn’t it silly to have someone on board full time to do the same old boring webinar over and over when you can just automate it? With all the time you get back, you can repurpose it towards other growth opportunities that can’t be automated.

Top use cases and benefits

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Personalized agent onboarding and training at scale

SaaS companies are hosting 100+ customer webinars per month without a live host, agents can join when it's convenient for them, and every single one of their questions are answered through chat.

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Ongoing product education and upselling

Communicate new features to agents and remind them how to leverage your solution to close more deals. With so many products competing for mindshare, don’t let them forget about you. Your renewal and revenue depends on adoption and engagement, and most importantly agent happiness.

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Let leads qualify themselves with interactive self-service demos

1on1 demos are time consuming, stop wasting time on leads that aren’t ready to buy. 87% of solution buyers prefer to do their own research; give customers the buying experience they want. Let prospects join your demo at their own time, and connect with you when they are ready.

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