Increase adoption and reduce churn with personalized onboarding and customer training without doing it live

With new users coming into your platform every day, they would have more success with your product and be activated much faster if you onboard and train them one by one. But it’s unrealistic and impossible to hire an army of success reps to give every user the same amount of attention and help.

eWebinar automates all your onboarding and training, providing an engaging interactive and personal experience to every user, at any time, on any device. Leading SaaS companies are already using this to scale their training to over 100 sessions per month, saving hundreds of hours without a single live session. Every question is answered through live chat or email. Customer support teams using eWebinar see fewer support tickets, delighted customers, higher retention and lower churn. Deliver a VIP experience to every user, without eating up your time.

Top use cases and benefits

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Personalized onboarding and training at scale to drive adoption

SaaS companies like BombBomb, Freshworks, and Later are hosting 100+ customer webinars per month without a live host. Users can join when it's convenient for them, and every single one of their questions are answered through live chat or email. User activation has never been quicker and easier.

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Ongoing product education to lower churn and increase engagement

Show new features to customers with a recurring webinar instead of sending out a newsletter they’ll probably forget about or not read. With so many products competing for mindshare, a quick, engaging webinar gives you a chance to show off your product, and makes customers feel like you made it just for them. When customers see the value in your product, and use it more often, renewal and revenue goes up.

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Deliver customer case studies to convert prospects and upsell every day

Instead of hosting your best customer on a live webinar one-time so they can share with prospective clients how awesome your product is, make your case study webinar available every single day. Prospects can attend at their own time and get the same experience as if you were running the event for the first time.

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Customers sign up and get access to your webinar when they’re free to join

Set up a recurring schedule based on your customers’ timezone and anyone, anywhere in the world, can register and watch your webinar when they’re ready. You’ll never have to spend hours preparing for a webinar that no one attends, or losing attendees because it didn’t fit their schedule. The average attendance rate for eWebinar is 62%.

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An engaging, delightful and interactive experience on every device

eWebinars are browser based, mobile optimized, with no software download. Your customers will never have issues joining, and once they’re in, they’ll instantly be drawn in with polls, tips, offers, and more that will keep them interested and engaged until the end.

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Repurpose your time towards other revenue generating activities

Isn’t it silly to have someone on board full time to do the same old boring webinar over and over? eWebinar takes that same presentation and hosts it for you so you don’t have to. Attendees often prefer a low pressure, fun webinar they can watch on their own time. With all the time you get back, you can spend it on other growth opportunities that can’t be automated.