Automatically create and update contacts in Marketo with ultimate flexibility when they register for or attend an eWebinar.

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Put Contact creation in Marketo from your automated webinars on autopilot

 The Marketo integration is a subscription add-on for $179/month.

This integration automatically creates Contacts in Marketo when registrants sign up for your eWebinars. It then updates those Contact with other data, such as information captured in the registration form, responses to Interactions (such as Polls and Questions), and behavioral data, such as an attendee's watch time, the device they are using, and UTM parameters. 

The Marketo integration with eWebinar is a subscription add-on for $179/month. To add it to your subscription, go to the My Plan page.

Once that has been done, you can set up the integration by following this set of instructions on our Help Center:

What is eWebinar's integration with Marketo and how do you set it up?

You can also check out our listing in the Adobe Solution Partner Directory.