eWebinar integrates deeply with Hubspot. Automatically create contacts from registrants and keep track of the webinars they attend using timeline events.

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Track in detail registrant activity from your automated webinars and watch your business grow

When you integrate eWebinar with your Hubspot CRM, registrants automatically create Hubspot contacts, webinar activity is tracked in a contact's timeline events, and any in-webinar activity can mapped into custom fields you create.

This lets you automate personalized post-webinar email marketing and nurture leads into prospects with ease.

You can also use the integration to replace eWebinar's chat with HubSpot's in your webinars.

To set up the HubSpot integration with eWebinar, login to your eWebinar account, or sign up for a free trial, and click Integrations in the profile menu. Or check out eWebinar's listing in the Hubspot Marketplace.