What are interactions and how can I use them to engage attendees?

A list of all interactions and examples of how they can be used in your eWebinars.

With eWebinar, we set out to design an experience that’s fun and engaging because we were sick of boring webinars. In order to do this, we created a series of Interactions for you to choose from.

eWebinar’s Interactions (AKA Interaction Cards) can be programmed to appear at any moment during your webinar. They help keep attendees tuned in till the end so they never miss a call-to-action. They were designed to deliver a participatory experience so attendees aren't just consuming video content, they’re actively engaging with it.

eWebinar users who program an Interaction to appear every 3-4 minutes are reporting watch times of 90% or more on average.

You can review and download the results of your Interactions from the Dashboard/Interactions tab.

Use Interactions to:

  • Get attendees to share feedback that’s valuable to your business
  • Deliver more content on points you want to highlight
  • Cement the notion that your audience is in the right place
  • Drive attendees to respond to your CTA

Below is a list of Interactions and examples of how they can be used in your eWebinars:


With the Feedback Interaction, attendees can rate your webinar — or anything you’d like — from 1 to 5.


1.  How did you like this webinar?

2.  How do you feel about these new features?

3.  How would you rate your current service provider?



You can use the Link Interaction to send attendees anywhere you want them to go.  

This is an easy way to connect them with high-value content like blogs, articles, and help resources.


1.  Did you know?

We offer a variety of scheduling features!

CTA: Learn more

2.  Want to learn more?

We dive deeper into these topics on our blog.

CTA: Take me there



Use the Poll Interaction to collect valuable data from your attendees about your marketing efforts, product, or service. You can also use Polls as a fun pulse check during your webinar to make sure your attendees are still engaged.

Poll results are easy to consume and decipher and can be found under Interactions or Analytics on any eWebinar's Dashboard.


1.  80% of training teams say hosting webinars burns them out. Can you relate?

  • Absolutely, we’re exhausted
  • Only on busy days
  • Yes, but we like doing them live
  • We’re still in the planning phase

2.  Which aspect of eWebinar appeals to you most?

  • Getting my time back!
  • Leaving live presentations in the past!
  • Pre-qualifying leads for easy sales



Use the Question Interaction to collect valuable information about your customer, product, or service. You can also use it to collect feedback from your customer to improve your presentation and offering.


1.  How did you hear about our company? I’d love to say thanks to the person who referred you!

2.  Where are you joining us from today? We'd love to know!

3.  We want to know! Is there something you’d change about our product?


Request to Contact

Use the Request to Contact Interaction to surface high-quality leads. Attendees who fill this in are pre-qualified, pre-educated, and already interested in what you have to offer.

You can choose which email address the information goes to after submission on the back end. 

This Interaction makes a strong CTA to end your webinar with. Remember to mention it in your video to draw extra attention to the card. For example, you could say, "If you want us to reach out to you, fill in the contact form that's coming up now!"


1.  Want to set up a one-on-one consultation? Fill in this form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

2.  If you’d like to learn more, fill in this form and we'll reach out to set up a chat.

3.  Ready to book? Fill out this form, and we’ll contact you directly.


Special Offer

Use the Special Offer Interaction to deliver the product or service you're selling. If you like, you can set an expiry time to create a sense of urgency. 

You can also set up a conversion tracker on your Special Offers that will display your results on your eWebinar's Analytics page. To see how, visit this article.


1. Webinar-Only Offer!

If you want to give us a try, claim this webinar-only offer now.

CTA: Claim offer

2. Don't wait!

Sign up now for a free trial and start saving 10 hours a week today!

CTA: Sign up now!

3. Good news!

We’re offering 2 months free for everyone here today!

CTA: Get 2 months free



Use the Tip Interaction to highlight points you want to draw attention to. 

Tips are also great for instructions you want to give to attendees, such as asking them to stay until the end for a webinar-only offer. 

You can also use them to share information that you may have forgotten to mention in your video.


1. Don’t forget, we offer 24/7 tech support!

2. If you have any questions for me during the webinar, please type them in the chat.

3. If you stay till the end, you’ll get a chance to sign up for our webinar-only offer.


Product Hunt Badge

Once you integrate your Product Hunt account with eWebinar, you will see a Product Hunt Interaction designed to drive people to your Product Hunt page so they can support your launch. You will also see a Product Hunt widget which you can install on your website to drive people to your eWebinar.

To learn more about the Product Hunt integration, see this article.


If you like what we’re doing, come support our launch on Product Hunt and leave a comment!


Thinkific Offer

Once you integrate your Thinkific account with eWebinar, you will see a Thinkific Offer Interaction in the Interactions list of your eWebinar. This Interaction is similar to the Special Offer, but it can sync with the course information from your Thinkific account so you don't have to worry about updating your eWebinar offer should any information about your course description or pricing change. Syncing is optional and can be disabled.

To learn more about the Thinkific integration, see this article.

You can track conversions from your Thinkific Offer which will be displayed in the conversion graph on the analytics page. To see how, see this article.


1. If you're ready to take the leap today, claim this webinar-only offer.

CTA: Enroll now

2. If what I’ve just shared clicks, you can sign up for my course by claiming this offer now!

CTA: Sign up now!

3. For the next 15 minutes, today’s attendees can sign up at an exclusive discount.

CTA: Claim this offer