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How do eWebinar's subscription levels work?

Describes how our subscription levels adjust automatically

At eWebinar, we only want you to pay for what you actually use, so your subscription will automatically adjust at the end of each monthly billing cycle to reflect the number of published eWebinars you have at the time, even if that means lowering your subscription level.

Visit our Pricing page to see the monthly rates associated with our different subscription levels.

If you are about to publish an eWebinar that will cause the total published eWebinars you have to exceed the number allowed under your current subscription level, we'll warn you, so you can decide if that is what you really want to do.

If you choose to go ahead and publish anyway, you will be charged immediately at the new subscription rate on a prorated basis for the time remaining on your current billing cycle.

The amount you pay has nothing to do with how often you schedule your eWebinars or how many people attend them. Subscription levels are based solely on the number of published eWebinars you have, which also means you can create as many eWebinars as you like at any subscription level, provided you leave them as Drafts.