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How do the self-adjusting pricing levels work in an eWebinar subscription?

Learn how the pricing level of your eWebinar subscription will adjust up and down to suit your needs.

eWebinar subscriptions have three pricing levels, determined solely by the number of active webinars you have. Each pricing level comes with a monthly registrant limit in the thousands, unlimited recurring sessions, unlimited team members, and all standard features.

To see the monthly and annual rates for each of the three levels and the maximum number of active webinars and monthly registrant limit* that come included with them, visit our pricing page.

What is an active webinar?

An 'active webinar' is simply a published webinar. Drafts of webinars do not count toward your subscription.

A single active webinar may have thousands of attendees over the course of thousands of recurring sessions. For example, hundreds of people attend our on-demand sales demo every month, with multiple sessions happening every day, and yet it still only counts as one active webinar.

Please keep in mind, we have a free trial, but we do not have a free plan. If you have no active webinars, you will still be charged at Level 1 when your subscription renews. If you are not ready to use eWebinar, we recommend you cancel until you are. 

Provided you are an Admin of your eWebinar account, you may review the details of your subscription at any time on the My plan page.

How eWebinar's self-adjusting pricing levels work:

1. Going up a pricing level

We will never raise your pricing level without first giving you a chance to decide if that is what you want to do.

Let's say you are at Level 1 with one active webinar.  When you go to publish a second webinar, the system will warn you that doing so will cause your subscription rate to go up to Level 2.

If you decide to go ahead and publish the webinar, you will be charged immediately the difference in price between Levels 1 and 2 on a prorated basis for the time remaining in your current monthly or annual billing cycle. 

When this happens, all Admins and Billing Contacts are informed by email.

Once charged, subscription upgrades are non-refundable, which means the earliest you may downgrade to a lower level is at the end of your billing cycle. (See below for how this works.)

In this particular example, you would stay at Level 2 for the remainder of the billing cycle even if you unpublished your second webinar.

2. Going down a pricing level

We will automatically lower your pricing level at the end of your monthly or annual billing cycle, as needed, to match the number of active webinars you have at the time.

Continuing the scenario from above, if you unpublished your second webinar before the end of your billing cycle, when your subscription renewed, you would be charged at Level 1, not Level 2. We take care of that for you, so you don't have to worry about it!

To supplement our base subscriptions, eWebinar offers subscription add-ons. To learn more about them, check out this article:

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* Additional registrants per month is one of the subscription add-ons we offer, if you need a higher monthly registrant limit than what is included with your subscription. Visit our pricing page and scroll down to Subscription add-ons to learn more and see pricing.