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How do eWebinar's self-adjusting subscription levels work?

Learn how our subscription levels self-adjust to save you money and suit your needs

At eWebinar, we only want you to pay for what you actually use and our billing system was designed to reflect that.

Our pricing is based on subscription levels, which are determined by the number of webinars you have published at any given time. Drafts, sessions, and attendees are unlimited and have no impact on billing.

It is important to note we have a free trial, but we do not have a free plan. Even if you have no published webinars, you will be charged at Level 1 each month, which allows up to 1 published eWebinar (including 0). If you do not plan to use eWebinar, we recommend you cancel your subscription until you are. 

Your monthly bill is based on what you use each day. In other words, you’re not locked into a certain rate for the entire billing period if you end up using eWebinar more or less than anticipated. Everything is prorated. Our system bills our clients at the lowest price point they qualify for automatically.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry. No trickery here. We’ve provided two examples below that should make it clear how things work.

Here’s what’s covered in this article, in case you’d like to skip ahead:


What happens if I go up a level?

If you go up a subscription level in the middle of your monthly billing cycle, you'll be charged immediately for the remainder of the month at a prorated rate for the higher level. Here’s an example of how this looks.

Example: Going up a level

Company A has one webinar published going into their billing cycle, but wants to publish a second webinar half way through.

Company A will be charged at the Level 1 rate at the beginning of the cycle. When they go to publish their second webinar, our system will warn them they’re moving into another price bracket. If they go ahead and publish anyway, they will be charged immediately at the Level 2 price for what remains of the billing period at a prorated rate.

In simple terms, they will be charged at Level 1 for the first half of the month and at Level 2 for second half of the month.

There is nothing Company A needs to do to ensure this happens. Our system automatically calculates appropriate pricing for them.


What happens if I go down a level?

If you go down a subscription level in the middle of your monthly billing cycle, you'll be credited the difference in price at the end of that cycle. Here’s an example:

Example: Going down a level

Company B starts their billing cycle with seven published webinars. placing them in subscription Level 3.

Eight days into their billing cycle, company B switches two of their webinars to drafts and they remain that way for the rest of the cycle. Now, with only five published webinars, they qualify for Level 2 pricing.

While they will have paid the Level 3 rate at the start of their billing cycle, their account will be credited the prorated difference in price between Levels 2 and 3 for the remainder of their billing cycle. 

NOTE: A credit is always applied towards the next billing cycle. It will not, however, be credited back to your card if you cancel.

Again, there’s nothing their team needs to do to make this happen. Our system is designed to be fair to our customers.


How do I keep track of my subscription level?

You might be worried about keeping tabs on your own subscription level. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

If you are about to publish an eWebinar that will bump you into a higher subscription level, we'll warn you, so you can decide if that is what you really want to do.

If you choose to go ahead and publish anyway, you will be shifted immediately to  the new subscription rate on a prorated basis for the time remaining on your current billing cycle.


Do I get charged based on the number of sessions or attendees I have?

No. Our pricing model is based solely on how many webinars you have published, not how many sessions you have, how often those sessions are scheduled, or how many people attend.

For example, if you only have one webinar published but you have 500 sessions in a month with 1000 attendees, you will still be charged at Level 1. 


Do drafts impact my subscription level?

Absolutely not. Your pricing is determined based on the number of webinars you have published at any given moment. You can have as many drafts as you’d like at any time, and they won’t have an impact on billing.


What if I want to have more than 15 published webinars?

For companies that want to publish more than 15 webinars, an Enterprise subscription is the best option.

Customers at this subscription level can publish up to 25 webinars and pay a flat monthly rate of $250. If they exceed 25 webinars, they pay $10 per additional published webinar per month.

Changes made mid-cycle are prorated and billed in the same way as other levels.