Growth strategies for bootstrapped startups 

A podcast by and for founders who are brave (or crazy) enough to grow their businesses to profitability without venture capital.

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“There’s so much content out there about VC-backed companies. If only 1% of startups get venture capital, then 99% are ProfitLed. To me, these are the unsung heroes of SaaS.”

Melissa Kwan, eWebinar Cofounder/CEO, ProfitLed Host

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S2E3: Why Bootstrapping Over Venture Capital Funding

Melissa Kwan

Melissa Kwan

Cofounder and CEO

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S1E15: The Route to Wealth and Freedom Nobody Talks About

Lloyed Lobo

Lloyed Lobo


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S1E12: What They Don't Tell You About Raising Venture Capital

Greg Head

Greg Head


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S1E6: What's Non-Dilutive Capital and How to Qualify

Miguel Fernandez

Miguel Fernandez

Co-Founder & CEO

“I listened to the first episode and almost trembled in my seat. Finally, someone was not lying to me. In this world the ratio of lies to truth is 999 to 1. You spoke the truth. Thank you.”

Ajit Ghuman, Monetizely, Founder & CEO

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