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Promote and Sell Anything with This Free Webinar Template for Small Businesses

Promote and Sell Anything with This Free Webinar Template for Small Businesses

What is the Educational Marketing Webinar Template for Small Business Owners?

In this eWebinar exclusive template, Linda Reed-Enever, founder of Enever Group and Business Business Business, teaches you how to engage your market with her educational webinar formula that she has transformed into a template to help you create your own webinars.

What You’ll Find in the Educational Marketing Webinar Template
  • Step-by-step training video, demonstrating how to make your own marketing webinar with a tried-and-tested formula designed to convert
  • Recurring schedule designed to maximize your reach
  • Example interactions to help you get started
  • Email notifications to connect with leads and stay top of mind post-webinar
  • Suggested content for your registration pages 

In the free 15-minute training video that comes with the template, Linda walks you through the key ingredients of an effective marketing webinar, from establishing your credibility and engaging your audience to finally communicating the big idea you want your attendees to take action on.


To get access to Linda's webinar template, login to your eWebinar account or sign up for your free trial and then:

About Linda Reed-Enever of Business Business Business


As an Ideas and Marketing Strategist, each day Linda lives and breathes marketing, working with businesses of all sizes to optimize their image, hone their position in the market, deliver their message, and educate their market.

"It’s an exciting and ever-changing job that 'found me' after I started my career in sales and marketing in the corporate world", Linda says. "I have always enjoyed working with people, networking and uncovering unique opportunities to stand out in the business world."

It has been over 15 years since that career found her and now, through Enever Group, Business Business Business and The Course Creators Circle, she works with business owners to take their ideas to market, through education marketing strategies, ideation, and implementation.

Having worked with hundreds of clients from all walks of the small and medium business life, she understands how critical marketing and branding can be to the success of an enterprise.

"In a nutshell, image and message is everything in a world of competition where small business can be made or broken via an internet search." She adds, "The success I’ve enjoyed in this field has seen me labeled as the 'go to' girl for marketing and I love what I do as a coach and consultant."

In 2014, she created a Facebook Group, Business Business Business, where business owners can connect with each other in a supportive arena. The group has grown and now has its own dedicated website and over 33,000 members tapping into the community.

The Enever Group Business Academy is where she teaches others how to educate their market and grow their business, which lead her to becoming a Thinkific-Approved Expert and to creating The Course Creators Circle.

"Combined, these enterprises encapsulate my ethos: that branding and marketing are the foundations of business success, but networking and connections are the mortar that holds the foundations together."

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Educate your market to lead them through the required stages to your desired outcome

Linda has honed her educational webinar formula for many years and turned it into a template small business owners like you can use to take your prospects through the stages they need to pass in order to bring them to the desired outcome of your choosing.

These stages include:

  • Establishing your credibility and why people should choose to work with you
  • Introducing your topic and helping people understand why it's important
  • Building on the why and the how of what they need to know
  • Polling your audience to see where they are and what they've learned so far
  • Rounding out your webinar talking points to lead your audience to...
  • 'The final win', something of great impact that creates real change

Linda shares helpful tips to keep your audience engaged throughout every stage and explains how to effectively end your webinar with a special offer, Q&A in chat, and by giving your audience a way to connect with you afterwards.

With this template, Linda's expertise, and the power of eWebinar, you can effectively use educational webinars as a means to finding the highest quality, most informed clients possible and building a thriving small business.

Are you a course creator looking to sell your online course?

If you are a small business owner who also happens to be an online course creator, you should check out this 40-minute webinar in which Linda shares the secrets to promoting and selling your online course with organic content.

How to promote and sell your course with organic content with Linda Reed-Enever
Hosted by  Melissa Kwan, Linda Reed-Evener
About this webinar: Linda Reed-Enever is the founder of the Course Creators Circle and a Thinkific expert who specializes in helping course creators learn how to successfully market and sell their online courses. In this webinar, Melissa Kwan, CEO and cofounder of eWebinar, asks Linda to share the secrets of how course creators can use organic content to build a following and promote and sell their online courses. What you'll learn: During their conversation, Linda speaks to course creators and shares how they can: Develop content to establish credibility in their area of expertise and build a following, Break through the noise of marketing overload with authentic content, Avoid the mistake of buying ads to promote their courses when they're not ready, Use webinars to find the highest quality, most informed clients possible. Sign up now and learn how to get access to a special Educational Marketing Webinar Template Linda created for course creators and other small business owners they can use to educate their markets on why people should choose to work with them.


Start Using the Educational Marketing Webinar Template for Small Business Owners Now

To access this template, login to eWebinar and create a new webinar from the Educational Marketing Webinar Template for Small Businesses. Or click this link to get started: https://app.ewebinar.com/home/template/chq0FqA19D

If you don’t have an eWebinar account yet, sign up for a free trial now. It’s quick and easy, and there’s no commitment. Experience what automating the promotion of your small business can do for you today!

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