eWebinar's Salesforce integration automatically creates Leads or Contacts from registrants, makes them Campaign Members or tracks their behavior as Events.

Put Lead or Contact creation from your automated webinars on autopilot in Salesforce and watch your business grow 



 The Salesforce integration is a subscription add-on for $279/month.

This integration automatically creates Leads or Contacts in Salesforce when people register for your eWebinars. It then updates these records based on their behavior (e.g. how long they watch your webinar) and as they respond to pre-set interactions, like polls and questions. Attendee behavior may be tracked as Events in Salesforce or cause attendees to be made Campaign Members of a specified Campaign.

Core registrant data is mapped from eWebinar to Salesforce as part of the native integration, including fields such as 'Join link' and 'Replay link', which are the URLs registrants use to access a webinar. However, custom fields may be mapped as well.

salesforce integration setup

Before you can set up the Salesforce integration with eWebinar, you must sign up for a free trial of eWebinar (or login to your account) and subscribe to the Salesforce Integration add-on, which you can do from the My Plan page.

Once that is done, you may set up the integration by following the steps in this article

You can also check out our listing on the Salesforce AppExchange.