How is eWebinar different from other webinar platforms?

Lays out what makes eWebinar stand apart from other webinar solutions

There are live webinar platforms out there that are great for unique live events, like panel discussions and audience Q&A. They are designed with the host in mind and focus on live content delivery: reliable streaming audio and video, screen-sharing, host controls, panelist participation, etc.

Many live webinar solutions have an "automated" or "playback" option, which generally amounts to a video hosted on a website. Replays of live events aren't great experiences though, since things that seem natural in a live setting, like the audience settling down at the beginning or interruptions where people ask some maybe-not-so-good questions, feel tiresome and irrelevant in a replay.

eWebinar is a platform dedicated only to automated webinars and is designed around the attendee. Content delivery for us is video, plain and simple, allowing us to focus on creating a thoughtfully designed experience for attendees, a way for people to consume and engage with video content as if it were being presented live. We believe in quality over quantity, doing fewer things extremely well rather than being just OK at a lot of things.

eWebinar is a design-forward, customer-centric company. We looked at consumer behavior around video and social media engagement to design our product interface and features. We take pride in creating a product that is both beautiful and easy to use. We pay attention to detail because we know everything counts. We strive to be a reliable extension of your brand.

At the end of the day, everything we do at eWebinar is intentional so you and your customers can have the best experience possible. Integrity is our top priority, integrity in our product and integrity in our dedication to our own team members, our customers, and our customers' customers.