Give prospects the info they want at their highest moment of intent with self-service demos

With eWebinar, prospects can watch an interactive, engaging demo of your app that pre-sells them on your product and prepares them for your sales team. Every question they have will be answered through live chat or email. You can lead prospects to sign up for a trial or schedule a call with your sales team. When qualified prospects do chat with sales, they are hot and ready to buy.

According to TrustRadius, 100% of buyers want to self-serve part or all of their buying journey and 57% of buyers make purchase decisions without ever talking with a salesperson. Buyers DON’T want to wait, coordinate schedules and get on an awkward call with a sales rep to explain the product to them. The buying landscape is changing, and that’s why fast-scaling SaaS companies are using eWebinar to let their prospects educate and pre-sell themselves.

Top use cases and benefits

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Offer personalized self-service demos to every lead without being there

1on1 demos are time consuming, stop wasting time on leads that aren’t ready to buy. Make your demo on-demand from your website so prospects can join when it's convenient for them. You don’t have to be there when they are and every one of their questions are answered through live chat or email.

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Deliver customer case studies to convert prospects every day

Instead of hosting your best customer on a live webinar one-time so they can share with prospective clients how awesome your product is, make your case study webinar available every single day. Prospects can attend at their own time and connect with you when they’re ready.

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Scale ongoing product education and feature updates to upsell

Show new features to customers with a recurring webinar instead of sending out a newsletter they’ll probably miss. Help users get onboarded quickly and understand how investing in your product can drive value for their business. Your renewal and revenue depends on adoption and engagement, and most importantly — customer happiness.

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Give every prospect the demo experience without getting on a call

Let prospects join your demo at their convenience, and give them the power to engage and ask you questions through live chat. Buyers will love learning about your product on their own time and educating themselves without the pressure and commitment of a live demo. While they’re waiting for the demo with your competitor, you’ve already sold them on your product.

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Self-service demos that deliver a VIP experience to every prospect

eWebinars are browser based, mobile optimized, with no software download. Your prospects will never have issues joining, and once they’re in, they’ll be immediately drawn in with pre-programmed polls, tips, offers, and more that will keep them interested until the end. The average eWebinar attendee has a finish rate of 73%.

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Pre-qualify every prospect, and only call your best leads

An eWebinar lets leads qualify and disqualify themselves. Leads will either sign up for a trial, convert themselves, or choose to talk to your sales team. When prospects do get on a call, they are the highest quality, pre-sold, and ready to buy. eWebinar leads are pre-educated, so your team only has to answer a few clarifying questions before they’re ready to move forward.