Turn your best webinar into an automated sales machine that sells your course 24/7 on autopilot

The novelty of doing live webinars wears off quickly. And scaling sales presentations means doing more of them or hiring someone to do them for you. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make sales in your sleep?

Upload your best sales presentation into eWebinar and let us host your webinars for you. With 1-1 live chat, each prospective student gets a personalized webinar experience, without you having to present live. Every question will be answered through chat or email. Prospects anywhere in the world will get to see you at your best, any time, any day, whenever it is most convenient for them.

Top use cases and benefits

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Sell your course on autopilot and get feedback from attendees

Sell 24/7 to anyone in the world without hosting live webinars, scale your business without being tied to your computer, and answer every question through live chat or email. Use interactions like questions and polls to collect feedback about your presentation and offering.

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Deliver free workshops with upsell opportunities

Give attendees a chance to “meet” you and get a feel for your teaching style by delivering a free workshop. For those who want to advance their skills, offer a way to sign up to your program during and after the webinar. Workshops are a great way to indirectly sell your course.

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Use eWebinars to deliver your course content!

Increase course completion rate by offering a different lesson type outside the normal course platform to keep things interesting. Students can reach out to you through eWebinar’s chat and you can build relationships with people who purchased your course to get feedback and improve your program.

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GUIDE: How to Sell Online Courses on Autopilot

If you've hit a wall in your online course sales and don't know what to do, this six-part guide has everything you need to know to break through that wall with the power of automated webinars.

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Your days of presenting to an empty audience are over

Gone are the days of spending weeks preparing for a webinar with little to no attendance. Set your webinar on a recurring schedule for prospective clients to join when it’s convenient for them, even at nights and on weekends. The average attendance rate for eWebinar is 62%.

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Increase conversion by keeping prospects engaged and watching to the end

eWebinars are browser based, mobile optimized, with no software download so attendees will never have issues joining. Once they’re in the webinar room which is fully branded to your company, they will be pleasantly surprised with pre-programmed polls, tips, offers, and more that will keep them interested until the end.

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Save 10-20 hours a month and spend on things you love to do

Isn’t it silly to do the same webinar over and over when you can just automate it? With all the time you get back, you can spend more time with friends and family, or spend more time doing nothing at all!

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