June 29, 2022

7 Awesome Product Hunt Integrations

7 Awesome Product Hunt Integrations

If you’re looking to generate buzz for your new product, want to invest in someone else's, or just want to see the coolest new digital products, Product Hunt is the place to go.

Let’s take a look at what exactly Product Hunt does, why you should be using it, and what other applications and services you can integrate it with to make it even more useful

What is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt provides an online space to launch and discover new tech products. Think of it as a social network, only the profiles are for products, not people. It has quickly become the go-to place for many entrepreneurs looking to introduce their hardware, software, and apps, regularly scoring over 10 million views per month.

Products are submitted to Product Hunt, either by their creator or by other members of the Product Hunt community, called “Hunters”. Each day, Product Hunt members vote for their favorite new products, with the homepage reflecting what’s hot.

Product Hunt leaderboardSource

Products are ranked on a type of leaderboard on the homepage. Their ranking is determined by Product Hunt’s proprietary algorithm, though it is clear that the number of upvotes a product has is the most important factor affecting how prominently it is displayed on the homepage. 

Each product has its own page as well, with a comments section where users can discuss the product, ask the developers questions, and show their support.

What Are the Benefits to Using Product Hunt?

There are many reasons that developers choose to post on Product Hunt. Firstly, because your product’s profile can link back to your website, it can generate a huge spike in your traffic, lead generation, and sales conversions. This could be done by linking to a landing page, or by employing technology such as a QR code generator

As a rule, Product Hunt users tend to be early adopters of new technologies. They’re likely to be tech savvy individuals who know a Resilient Distributed Dataset from a DataFrame, and would like to be the first to try out new products, even if they may only have limited features or still contain bugs. Therefore, making a positive impression with the Product Hunt audience is a great way to generate early buzz around your product and its launch.

Not only that, but it’s also a great place to gather feedback. Product Hunt users can comment on your projects and ask questions, so they’ll be able to tell you what they like about your product, or what they think could be improved. It could even highlight any pain point they may have experienced when using your product that you didn’t catch during production tests.

Product Hunt isn’t only used by tech enthusiasts, either. Media outlets also keep a close eye on what’s at the top of the list, with many tech blogs regularly posting about new product launches that catch their eye. 

It’s also a great place for investors to search for new opportunities. If your product is making a positive impact on Product Hunt, you may find yourself receiving queries from investors looking to back the next big hit!

7 Awesome Product Hunt Integrations

Numerous applications and services offer integrations with Product Hunt that allow you to get even more out of the platform. Some integrations are designed to help makers when launching their products, while others are meant to help those who want to stay in the know about what’s new on Product Hunt.

Integrations are ways in which apps interact with each other in order to simplify processes between them. For example, Skuvault is an inventory management system that integrates with eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay to simplify inventory management processes for sellers on those platforms.

We’ve rounded up 7 of the most useful integrations for making your Product Hunt workflows easier, highlighting just how helpful they can be for your business: 

  1. eWebinar
  2. Orbit
  3. Integrations Through Zapier
  4. Paperform
  5. Revue
  6. Integrations Through IFTTT
  7. Raindrop.io
Let's dive in...

1. eWebinar

eWebinar is an incredibly useful platform for hosting automated webinars. It allows you to relay the same information to numerous prospects and customers, without having to dedicate time to repeating the same presentation over and over again

It combines pre-recorded video with live chat and real-time interactions, creating an engaging customer experience, while saving time for your teams.

eWebinar presentation roomeWebinar’s integration with Product Hunt was designed to help you bring your launch to life with an on-demand product demo that is not only interactive but will also allow you to chat directly with attendees — with notifications of new messages — to gather feedback. The included automated webinar template makes it easy to build your own launch demo, since it includes a sample demo to model yours after.

Instead of writing a (boring) traditional “maker comment” — which is the first comment on any Product Hunt launch post written by the product’s makers — you can include a link to join your on-demand demo, which creates an exciting, engaging experience for both you and your launch post visitors.

To get a sense of what this might look like, check out eWebinar’s launch post on Product Hunt where CEO and Cofounder, Melissa Kwan, included a link to their launch demo in her maker comment.

Product hunt maker templateSource

eWebinar’s Product Hunt integration also includes  a special interaction card to direct your webinar attendees to your launch page on Product Hunt. The card also shows how many votes you’ve received thus far. 

So not only can you include the link to your product demo in your maker comment, you can also distribute it to your existing audience via email, social media, or to online communities to which you belong. This will help drive viewers to Product Hunt so they can show their support for your launch.

eWebinar Product Hunt interactionSource

The Product Hunt / eWebinar integration couldn’t be easier to set up. After you have signed up for a free trial, simply navigate to the “Integrations” page in eWebinar and click on the “Product Hunt” integration. Then simply login with your Product Hunt credentials to connect Product Hunt with eWebinar and gain access to the webinar template and special interaction card.

eWebinar Product Hunt integration modalSource

To learn more about eWebinar and how it works, join their 20-min on-demand demo now!

eWebinar Overview & Demo 🔥
Hosted by Melissa Kwan, Todd Parmley
​Tired of doing the same webinar over and over? In this 25-min overview and demo, you'll learn how eWebinar lets you automate your sales demos, onboarding, and training webinars in minutes.
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2. Orbit

Orbit is a tool for community growth, providing users with the tools to grow and measure their community across any platform. 

Users can monitor organizations, members, and activities across their platforms, and access reporting features to see the impact their communities are having on their business.


Orbit features a community-created integration with Product Hunt. Using this integration, Orbit users will be alerted every time an upvote is received on the specified product on Product Hunt. A new activity will be created for each upvote, so users can easily track how well their product is performing.

New activities will also be created when a new comment is posted in Product Hunt, so Orbit users will be able to quickly and easily see what the community is saying about their product. 

The GitHub Actions template that powers the integration runs every hour, so users can have an up to date picture of how many people are interacting with their product, and can monitor the current reaction to it.


3. Integrations Through Zapier

Zapier is a platform that allows for the integration of thousands of different apps without having to write any code or integrate directly via an API. It gives users the ability to create multi-step, automated workflows, so that actions in one app trigger further actions across up to 100 others. This can help with everything from data virtualization to lead tracking.

Product Hunt is one of the many apps that offers integrations through Zapier, meaning you can link it to team chat apps like Slack, social media networks like Twitter, or project management platforms like Asana.

For example, you could set up an integration so that when your product receives 100 upvotes on Product Hunt, a tweet is automatically sent out on Twitter letting your followers know. It could include a link to your page on Product Hunt, encouraging other users to retweet and share the link with their followers, encouraging even more upvotes.

Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 15.34.59Source

You could set up a similar integration for other platforms, like Slack. Slack is an incredibly popular team messaging app that supports integrations with a variety of other apps, including eWebinar.

Integrating Product Hub with Slack through Zapier would allow you to share a message to specific channels in Slack when milestones are reached, so you can congratulate your teams on how well your product is performing.


4. Paperform

Paperform is a flexible online form builder. It’s built with small businesses in mind, combining beautiful design with digital smarts, allowing even the least tech savvy to create forms that look amazing, and help you achieve amazing things.

Paperform integrates with Product Hunt using Zapier, allowing you to set up several different triggers and actions. Once you’ve authenticated Product Hunt and Paperform, you’ll pick one of the apps as a trigger, and then select the resulting action that occurs in the other app.

For example, you could trigger a contact form to appear in Product Hunt when a user clicks a link for more information about the product. This would then present them with an intuitively designed “Contact Us” form from Paperform, allowing you to capture their details.

Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 15.37.45Source

You could include a simple sign-up form on your Product Hunt page, inviting users who are interested in your product to sign up to your newsletter to get more information and future updates.

Registration templates can also be created, if you want to provide users with a way to create an account with your brand from Product Hunt. Purchase order forms are also available, if you want to provide users with a way to purchase the product they’re investigating.


5. Revue

Revue is a platform that allows you to send editorial newsletters. In their own words, their big break came about because they appeared on Product Hunt:

“Revue got to where it is today because of kind souls that went ahead and up-voted us!... We got our first 2000 users because of Product Hunt!”

Source: Product Hunt, Integrations and Cats | by Veselina Gerova | Revue (getrevue.co)

It seems quite fitting, therefore, that Revue now features an integration with Product Hunt, allowing users to share other new projects with their subscribers.

It allows Revue users to automatically load their up-votes in their Revue newsletters. They appear in a sidebar when crafting newsletters, and then can be easily dragged and dropped right into the content. 

This is a great way to champion other projects to your customers, so you can easily cross-promote other brands that you may be affiliated with. 

Or perhaps you just want to provide your subscribers with engaging content by recommending other new products to them that they may be interested in. Either way, you can do it quickly and easily by integrating Revue with Product Hunt.


6. Integrations Through IFTTT

IFTTT, or ‘If This Then That’, is another platform that provides a way to integrate services and apps with each other, much like Zapier. It strives to make connecting technologies to each other easier, and so provides a simple way to create automations across services.

Each automation is called an “Applet”, and consists of a trigger and a corresponding action. IFTTT offers a range of plans at different price points, including a free option that provides 5 Applets at no charge.Integrations through IFTTT


IFTTT can be utilized with Product Hunt in a variety of ways. For example, you could set up an automation so that every time a product reaches 100 upvotes, you receive an email to notify you of the milestone. This could be done on your own projects to monitor their success, or on other projects whose performance you wish to monitor. 

In the same vein, you could set up an automation so that you receive an email which shows you the most popular new products on Product Hunt, allowing you to keep up to speed with what’s popular, and see how well the top products are performing. 

You could use IFTTT to gather data in a data repository, by integrating Product Hunt with spreadsheet software like Google Sheets. Data repositories are basically collections of your data that you can access to analyze what they contain, such as data lakes in Azure, or more structured data warehouses.

This would allow you to keep a record of the comments your products have received on Product Hunt, so you can easily refer back to them at a later date for analysis or marketing purposes.


7. Raindrop.io

Raindrop.io is an all-in-one bookmark manager, allowing you to keep track of articles, books, songs, and pretty much anything else you encounter while browsing. It can be connected to Product Hunt using IFTTT, allowing you to get even more out of both platforms.

You could set up an integration which automatically saves your upvoted products in Product Hunt to Raindrop.io. This means that you can easily refer back to any products you have supported, and can track their progress and receive updates on them.Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 15.38.37Source

Bookmarks can easily be sorted into categories, so you can categorize the products you upvote by criteria such as whether they’re software or hardware. This allows you to easily search for products should you wish to revisit them on Product Hunt.

These collections can be shared with selected users, so you could establish a library of products to follow and then share it with your coworkers, enabling your entire team to stay up to date with updates.

It’s Time to Get Hunting

Product Hunt is a fantastic platform for giving new products a great launch. Not only is it frequented by tech savvy consumers who know all about things like instance type and CPU usage, but also by media outlets and investors. 

There are dozens of other web apps that integrate with Product Hunt to make it even more useful for developers and customers alike. Platforms like Raindrop.io and Orbit can be used to keep apprised of the progress and popularity of products, and services like Paperform can help you get the most from visitors to Product Hunt pages.

eWebinar features a great integration with Product Hunt, simultaneously driving supporters to your launch post as well as bringing your launch to life with an interactive, engaging product demo. 

To learn more about eWebinar and to see it in action, join their 20-minute on-demand product demo and tutorial now!

eWebinar Overview & Demo 🔥
Hosted by Melissa Kwan, Todd Parmley
​Tired of doing the same webinar over and over? In this 25-min overview and demo, you'll learn how eWebinar lets you automate your sales demos, onboarding, and training webinars in minutes.
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