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With this integration, you can use eWebinar to promote your Product Hunt product launch with an interactive, personalized, and automated webinar.

Bring your Product Hunt launch to life using an automated webinar with live chat

When you integrate eWebinar with Product Hunt, you gain access to a webinar template created by #1 Product Hunter, Chris Messina, an interaction card made to drive traffic to your Product Hunt launch page, and a countdown widget that will direct Product Hunters to join your eWebinar for an interactive video experience and personalized launch message from you and your team.

Learn more about using eWebinar and Product Hunt together.

Want to take a deeper dive?  Register for our webinar, Bringing eWebinar's Product Hunt Launch to Life to see how we used this same integration to promote our own launch, the launch of eWebinar, on Product Hunt.

Bringing eWebinar's Product Hunt Launch to Life
Hosted by  Melissa Kwan
eWebinar lets you turn any video into an interactive, automated webinar. So what better way could there be to bring eWebinar's launch on Product Hunt to life than with an interactive, automated webinar created using eWebinar.

To set up the Product Hunt integration with eWebinar, login to your eWebinar account, or sign up for a free trial, and click Integrations in the profile menu.

eWebinar integration modal with Product Hunt