September 18, 2023

eWebinar Update: Annual Plans + Marketo and Vimeo Integrations

eWebinar Update: Annual Plans + Marketo and Vimeo Integrations

We've got three exciting bits of eWebinar news to share with you:

Annual plans are here!

You asked, and we listened – by popular demand, our annual plans are finally here!

Save 15% now by switching to an annual subscription from the My plan page.

Note that annual plans are not available to customers on legacy pricing.

Marketo integration add-on

We integrate with Marketo directly so you no longer have to connect via Zapier. 🎉 

Automatically create and update contacts in Marketo with responses to interactions, behavioral data, and more when people sign up for and attend your webinars.

Subscribe to the Marketo integration add-on now for $179/month from the My plan page or learn more about how the integration works here

Vimeo integration for videos over 2GB

You can now use your own Vimeo-hosted video to bypass our 2GB video upload limit.

video upload with vimeopFirst, connect  your Vimeo and eWebinar accounts. Then, when you create a new eWebinar, simply click Use my own Vimeo and select the video you'd like to use.

You can also do this when replacing the video of an existing webinar by clicking Replace video on the Interactions tab.

Learn more about our Vimeo integration and how to set it up here.