September 20, 2021

eWebinar Updates: Private Messages, Logo Overlay, Conversion Alerts, and Ungated Replays

eWebinar Updates: Private Messages, Logo Overlay, Conversion Alerts, and Ungated Replays

We're excited to share the release of three new interactions and our ungated replay:


Private message interaction

Private messages let you send personalized chat messages to attendees at specific moments in your eWebinars. They are really good for when you want to get people to chat with you who might be shy or on the fence about asking a question.

eWebinar chat pane with private message interaction


Logo overlay interaction

Place a logo in the corner of your eWebinars with our new logo overlay, a great feature for companies with enterprise customers since you can create 10+ brand-dedicated trainings from a single video. Make copies of the same eWebinar, add your customers' respective logos, and become a training superstar in their eyes.

Corner of eWebinar showing logo overlay interaction


Conversion alerts interaction

Conversion alerts pop up at intervals during your webinar to provide social proof that others have recently decided to claim whatever offer you make in your webinar — to sign up for your service or buy your product. Conversion alerts build trust, create urgency, and increase conversions. Learn how to set them up now →

eWebinar showing conversion alerts interaction


Ungated replay

Ungated replays make it possible for people to watch a replay of your eWebinar without having to register for it first. Share the link provided in your email marketing, ad campaigns, social posts, or anywhere else you market online. People can simply click and start watching your webinar replay right away!

Share modal with ungated replay link

Ungated replays are really effective in retargeting ad campaigns because the system (using cookies) is able to recognize who someone is when they click on your ad if they previously registered for your webinar on the same device. Cool, right?

Also, just because the names and email addresses of attendees aren't captured up front through registration, it doesn't mean you can't track their responses to your interactions or behavior for your analytics. We've even implemented a clever way to collect attendees' contact info if they decide to send you a chat message during their session. Read the details of how an ungated replay works now →


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