What are conversion alerts and how do I set them up?

Use conversion alerts to show that previous attendees decided to claim whatever offer you make in your webinar, thus encouraging current attendees to do the same.

Conversion alerts provide social proof to your attendees that others have already made the decision to claim whatever offer you make in your webinar — to sign up for your service, buy your product, or some other conversion event. Conversion alerts help to build trust, create urgency, and increase conversions. 

Conversion alerts screenshot

In order for conversion alerts to work, you must first set up conversion tracking, which generally means adding a snippet of tracking code to your checkout success page. Read the full instructions

Once tracking is set up, when conversions start to happen, conversion alerts, if enabled, will appear at intervals throughout your webinar (for whatever period of time you specify) and display the first name of who converted, where they are from (based off of their IP address), and when they converted. You can customize the message in the alerts (i.e. Signed up for a free trial!) and how recent conversions should be (i.e. from the last 7 days). Finally, you can configure if alerts appear at the top or bottom of the presentation room during your webinar.

NOTE: Only real conversions will appear in your alerts. While you set things up, you may see the names of people appear who have not converted. Those names are meant as placeholders only.