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eWebinar Updates: Shareable Analytics, New Registration Page Sections, and Expiring Replays

eWebinar Updates: Shareable Analytics, New Registration Page Sections, and Expiring Replays

Here's a roundup of the features we recently added to eWebinar:


A big design update to our editing interface, making it easier to find all the features eWebinar has to offer

It will be a year next month since we introduced eWebinar to the world. Today, we have hundreds of happy customers who have saved hundreds of thousands of hours through webinar automation.

As our customer base grew, so did their needs and, consequently, the list of features we support. We found we’d outgrown our original design and were putting features in places nobody could find them. 

To address this, we recently introduced a new interface for creating and editing eWebinars that doesn’t bury existing features deep inside another menu and ensures new features can be found right away. 

Here are the highlights of the new design, which you’ll no doubt discover the next time you create or edit an eWebinar:

  • Chat, our most differentiating feature, has its very own tab
  • The features under each tab are all on one page — no more tabs within tabs
  • A sticky menu lists what is on each tab and jumps you there with a click
  • The Interactions edit modal is larger, making room for future improvements
  • The registration page builder has gone full screen for the best user experience possible

Watch eWebinar CEO, Melissa Kwan, share her thoughts about this big update.


Three new sections to add to your registration pages, including one for testimonials

Animated GIF showing adding a new registration page section

There are three new sections you can add to your registration pages, including one designed for testimonials, giving you more flexibility than ever to build registration pages that convert. You may now also reorder and delete sections.


Widgets for your custom registration thank you pages with ‘add to calendar’ and session links

eWebinar’s registration thank you page card widget

If you use your own custom registration thank you pages, built outside of eWebinar, there are now two customizable widgets you can install on those pages to make them more effective and useful, a card widget and a button widget, both of which can include session, replay, and ‘add to calendar’ links.


The option to skip the thank you page and send attendees straight to replays and just-in-time sessions

Toggle showing option to skip thank you page turned on

When attendees register for replays or just-in-time sessions, you can choose to have them skip the registration thank you page and be taken directly to their replay or session for a more seamless customer experience.


A new ‘fixed bar’ widget for promoting your webinars on any webpage

eWebinar’s fixed bar widget at the bottom of a webpage

There is now a fourth registration page widget, the ‘fixed bar’, which you can install on the bottom of any webpage to promote one of your webinars. This handsome new widget includes a drop-down menu to choose an available session, a countdown clock to the next session, and a customizable CTA to drive people to register right away.


Replay links that can be set to expire for your time-limited offers

Toggle setting replay links to expire turned on with a 3 day expiry

Do you make time-limited offers in any of your webinars? If so, you can now set the replay links associated with those webinars to expire a certain number of days after an attendee’s session so they no longer have access to an invalid offer by way of a replay.


A customizable analytics report you can share outside the platform

Animated GIF of clicking to share an eWebinar’s Analytics, turning off one report section, and copying the link

eWebinar’s beautiful, comprehensive Analytics are now shareable outside the platform. Simply decide which sections you want to include in your report, copy the link, and share it with whomever you like by email, text, or whatever method you choose. You can set the link to remain available forever or to expire after a specific day. To try this out, go to the Analytics tab on the Dashboard of any eWebinar, and click Share in the top right.


UTM parameters automatically captured during registration

If you choose to include UTM parameters in the URLs of your registration pages, now when someone submits one of your registration forms, those parameters will be captured automatically for that registrant, which data can then be funneled through to whatever products you have chosen to integrate eWebinar with, like Hubspot or ActiveCampaign, for lead attribution.


A new eWebinar template designed to help small businesses promote or sell anything

Choose template modal with educational webinar template highlighted

The next time you create an eWebinar, you’ll notice a new template to choose from called the Educational Marketing Webinar Template for Small Business Owners created exclusively for eWebinar by Linda Reed-Enever, founder of Business Business Business. Linda has honed her educational webinar formula for many years and turned it into a template small business owners can use to take their prospects through the stages they need to pass in order to bring them to the desired outcome, whatever that might be!


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