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eWebinar Updates: Analytics, conversion tracking, Hubspot integration

eWebinar Updates: Analytics, conversion tracking, Hubspot integration

Here's a roundup of the features we've added to eWebinar in the last couple of months:

Epic update of our analytics dashboard guaranteed to blow your mind

If you haven’t seen our new analytics dashboard yet, you should drop what you’re doing, log into eWebinar right now, and take a look. With this complete revamp, you can now easily:

  • See how much time you’ve saved by using eWebinar
  • Copy and paste a summary of an eWebinar’s performance to share with your team
  • See registration activity so you know when to prepare for busy days
  • Analyze your conversion funnel
  • Visualize where and how attendees are engaging
  • See all interaction activities on a single page

eWebinar new analytics dashboard

Support of 19 different languages for attendees

We now support 19 different languages on all attendee-facing elements in the presentation room. When you create a new eWebinar, you can set the language when you set the title. Or you can find this feature under Display settings on the Settings tab.

Please note, though merge fields such as {date} and {time left to join webinar} are translated for you automatically, you will still need to write (or rewrite) all notification emails, welcome messages, and autoresponder messages in the language of your choice.

Want to report an error in our translations? Email support (at) ewebinar.com and let us know.

language feature in settings menu

New integrations with HubSpot and Descript

Integrate your eWebinar account with HubSpot to send attendees’ info and activities into your HubSpot contacts automatically. Read all about what this integration can do in the HubSpot App Marketplace. Then go to your Integrations page to set it up.

Descript is an exciting, new video-editing software platform that makes editing a video as easy as editing a document. It’s like magic!  Read all about our integration partnership with Descript here: eWebinar + Descript: AI-edited Videos Published Direct to eWebinar

Want to learn more? Sign up for this upcoming eWebinar and leave complex video-editing software behind!

Edit an Awesome Demo Video with Descript — No Experience Required!
Hosted by  Melissa Kwan, Jay LeBoeuf
Jay LeBoeuf (Head of BD at Descript) demonstrates how anyone can edit a video — with zero experience —using Descript's mind-bending AI tools. With Descript, editing a video is as easy as editing a document!

Embeddable card widget to promote your eWebinars on any site

Promote your eWebinars by embedding our new card widget on your blog or website, like the one for our Descript eWebinar above. Look for the Card option when you edit the Widget code of any eWebinar, which you can get to from the homepage or find on the Registration tab.

Sales conversion tracking on Special Offer cards

Want to track the sales that come from the Special Offers you make during your eWebinars? Read this article to find out how. Your sales volume and conversion rate will show up in your analytics once it has been set up.

sales tracking code  in special offer card

Blackout dates to avoid scheduling on your days off

Going on vacation and don’t want to be bothered? Now you can set up blackout dates on the Schedule tab. Set specific dates or choose holidays by country. And don’t forget to block off your birthday! (Because everyone should get their birthday off.)

black out date feature with holidays

Registration page enhancements

With this set of enhancements on our Registration and Thank You pages, you can:

  • Change the Registration button radius to match your branding even more

  • Rename the buttons on the Thank You page

  • Find the link to join a session more easily now that it’s been moved to the top

Fresh new blog makeover

Check out our blog. It’s fresh new look matches the freshness of its content. This includes our new, interview-style webinar series, How’d you do it?, in which Melissa Kwan, Cofounder of eWebinar, speaks with other entrepreneurs and leaders about their journeys in all things business and life. Topics include How SaaS Companies Can Launch Their First Partnership Program and more!


Want to automate your webinars today? eWebinar can help you turn any video into an interactive, automated webinar. eWebinar does your webinars for you so you don't have to. Check out our website to learn more.  Sign up now and try eWebinar for free.

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