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What subscription add-ons does eWebinar offer and what are their benefits?

Learn about the subscription add-ons eWebinar offers, their benefits, and how they can help you meet the specific needs of your business.

Every subscription to eWebinar comes with all standard features. For most, this gives them what they need to automate their webinars and achieve their business goals.

There are some eWebinar customers, however, who have more sophisticated needs, either because of the size of their company or because of the level at which they need their businesses to function. 

To help meet the specific needs of these users, eWebinar has developed add-ons that may be tacked on to your base subscription for an additional monthly fee. 

How do I subscribe to (or unsubscribe from) a subscription add-on?

You may subscribe to or unsubscribe from subscription add-ons from the My plan page of your eWebinar account, provided you are an account Admin. Look under Available add-ons to subscribe and under Subscription details to unsubscribe (or to resubscribe during the same billing cycle).

What do subscription add-ons cost?

The monthly rates associated with each add-on may be found on our Pricing page.

What subscription add-ons does eWebinar offer?

Below are the subscription add-ons eWebinar currently offers including a description of what each one is and its benefits:

Advanced access control

One of eWebinar's standard features is basic Access control. This feature allows you to block certain individuals (by email address) from registering for a particular webinar. 

Advanced access control, which can be enabled from the Registration tab while editing any webinar, is a more sophisticated set of features that gives you more control over who can and cannot register for and attend your webinars.

The features of Advanced access control fall into one of two categories:

Once Advanced access control is enabled for a webinar, this is the first decision you must make. Do you want to block certain registrants or only allow certain registrants?

Here is a summary of the two sets of features available to you once you have made that decision:

Features that let you block certain registrants

To block certain people from registering for your webinars, here are your options:

1. Require work emails

We use a service that keeps tabs on the most common types of non-work email addresses people use (like Gmail and Outlook) and prevents them from using those email addresses to register for your webinar. All other types of email addresses are considered work emails.

2. Don't allow temporary emails

eWebinar has a standard feature that tests if an email is deliverable before allowing someone to use it to sign up for one of your webinars. This helps ensure the quality of emails you collect from registrants is as high as possible, since it prevents people from using fake ones.

However, people can also use something called a temporary email address to get around giving you their real email.

A temporary email address (also known as a disposable email address or DEA) is a self-destructing, throwaway address that people use to sign up for websites and stay anonymous. (Software exists to create DEAs for people.)

This feature of Advanced access control is able to detect temporary email addresses and prevent people from using them when registering for your webinar, thus adding an additional layer of validation to the email addresses you capture.

3. Block groups by email domain

While basic access control lets you block certain individuals by their email addresses, Advanced access control lets you block whole groups of people by the domain in their email address. So, for example, if you didn't want people who work for one of your competitors to access your webinars, you could simply block all emails that use that company's domain (i.e. mycompetitor.com).

This is especially effective if you also Require work emails, as described above.

Features that let you only allow certain registrants

If you choose to only allow certain people to register for your webinars, here are your options:

1. Only allow certain individuals

Blocking individuals from registering for your webinar is a part of basic access control. Advanced access control, however, also makes it possible for you to only allow certain individuals to register for your webinars by whitelisting their email addresses. That way, you can be very particular about who has access to your webinars.

2. Only allow groups by email domain

Similar to how it works when blocking groups of people by the domain in their email address, this feature lets you only allow people to register for your webinars using emails that have whatever domains you specify. Thus, you can target the companies you want to give access to your webinars, and only those companies.

3. Require company SSO

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows members of large companies and organizations to sign in to all of the tools they use with one central login controlled by the company. This makes it easier for users, because they only need to remember one login and, as they move from tool to tool, they are automatically logged in since the system remembers who they are. SSO is beneficial to the company since it makes it easy to grant and revoke access to all tools as people come and go.

The Require company SSO feature of Advanced access control makes it possible to plug eWebinar into your company's ecosystem of products in this way, by requiring people to sign in with their company login.

NOTE: Before you can use this feature, you must set up the SSO integration, which requires participation from your IT department.

Limit number of registrants per session

One more feature of Advanced access control, regardless of whether you decide to block or only allow certain registrants, is to choose to limit the number of registrants in a session and then specify that number.

Once the limit you specify has been reached, no new registrants will be allowed to register for that session.

To subscribe to the Advanced access control add-on, login to your eWebinar account (you must be an Admin), go to My plan, and look for it under Available add-ons

Custom domain

The Custom domain subscription add-on may be found on the Domains page, which you can get to from the profile menu, provided you are an Admin.

This add-on lets you host your webinars and landing pages on your website or on any domain you own, thus making it possible to track people more effectively by keeping them on the same domain as they register for and attend your webinars, per Apple's new privacy terms.  (Learn more about implementing better tracking.)

When companies choose to put their webinars on their domain, they typically do it under a subdomain, such as webinars.mycompany.com.

To subscribe to the Custom domain add-on, login to your eWebinar account (you must be an Admin), go to My plan, and look for it under Available add-ons.

You can find the instructions for setting up your Custom domain here.