May 04, 2021

Sell Your Online Course on Autopilot with This Profitable Webinar Template

Sell Your Online Course on Autopilot with This Profitable Webinar Template

What is the Profitable Webinar Template for Course Creators?

In this eWebinar exclusive template, Haley Burkhead of Recurring Profit teaches you exactly how to use eWebinar to create an evergreen presentation that automates the sales of your course or membership site — so you can take a step back and watch your business grow.

What You’ll Find in the Profitable Webinar Template
  • Step-by-step instructions for creating your own profitable webinar using a proven sales presentation structure (45 minute training video)
  • A slide deck template you can download and customize
  • A recurring schedule designed to maximize your reach
  • Examples of interactions that pack maximum effect
  • Email notifications and a follow up sequence to connect with and convert attendees pre and post webinar
  • Suggested content for your registration pages

You’ll have access to an easy-to-use template for building all aspects of your own webinar (from interactions to follow-up emails) and an exclusive training video Haley made just for eWebinar customers — all built into this special release.

Gif of creating an eWebinar from the Profitable Webinar Template

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About Haley Burkhead of Recurring Profit

Headshot of Haley Burkhead of Recurring Profit

As the Founder of Recurring Profit, Haley helps course creators make their first 1 million dollars with an online program such as a course or membership site. She loves helping entrepreneurs normalize big numbers while automating their marketing and simplifying their business — so they never have to cap how many people they can help.

Prior to founding Recurring Profit, Haley was juggling a 9-to-5 job at a marketing agency and building an online course to help entrepreneurs market their businesses. Popular marketing advice was telling her to follow a well-known strategy — build her email list, grow her social media following, live launch multiple times a year, and spend money on ads. For Haley, this was advice that never clicked. She was already spending most of her day anxiously chasing clients work — why make her own business even more complicated and exhausting? 

She knew there had to be a better solution, so she developed a new method — one that really works. With only 2 hours to spend on her own business each day, she created a simple, automated approach that not only provided a steady income, but placed no limits on how many people she could help. As a result, she hit $1 million in sales in just 16 months. She shares her journey on the eWebinar, How Haley Burkhead Got to $1 Million in 16 Months by Automating Online Course Sales.

Having found a method she knew could transform the lives of countless entrepreneurs, Haley was determined to share her knowledge. Through Recurring Profit, she empowers creators of courses and membership programs to reach new heights in a simple, automated, and fun way.

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Creating an automated webinar that converts prospects you’ve never met

Creating an automated webinar that converts is not as simple as making a video and delivering it as a recurring webinar. Talking about your offering and introducing yourself isn’t enough. You need to build trust, communicate value, and create urgency to get prospects to a close — ideally within 24 hours — especially if the viewer is someone you’ve never personally contacted or met.

Every aspect of your presentation — from word choice to visuals — should be intentionally designed to frame the problem you're solving, establish your value, and create a sense of urgency to drive sales as quickly as possible.

While this might sound complicated, we’ve taken out the guesswork. The Profitable Webinar Template in eWebinar was designed to increase your conversions — and decrease your busy work — so you can start helping more people today. 

As part of this template, Haley teaches you in just 45 minutes how to craft your message around the problem you’re solving, establish the value of your course, and create the urgency you need to close sales. You also have a free downloadable slide deck template that Haley will explain how to customize along the way.

Nobody is born a great salesperson. Sales is a process that anyone can learn.

With this template, Haley’s sales methodology, and the power of eWebinar, you can sell your course on autopilot — even while you’re sleeping — cutting time at your desk and ditching live launches for good.

Start Using the Profitable Webinar Template Now

To access the Profitable Webinar Template:

  1. Login to eWebinar 
  2. Click Create New eWebinar and select the Profitable Webinar Template for Course Creators (or click this link to be taken there directly)
  3. Click Use this template in the modal window that opens
  4. Give your webinar a name and click Continue to edit →
  5. Go to the Interactions tab and watch Haley's training video
  6. When prompted, download the slide deck template from Canva so can follow along with Haley's instruction

If you don’t have an eWebinar account yet, sign up for a free trial now. It’s quick and easy, and there’s no commitment. Experience what automating your course sales can do for you today!