October 28, 2021

eWebinar Updates: New Homepage with Top Stats, 'Live Now' Button, Sorting, Filtering, and More

eWebinar Updates: New Homepage with Top Stats, 'Live Now' Button, Sorting, Filtering, and More

Last week, we launched a new homepage for the eWebinar app. Here’s what’s new!

New eWebinar homepage

High-level stats

We’ve started showing you how many hours of webinars you have hosted so far in a month, without you needing to be there to host any of them live! (You’re welcome. 😉)

Each of your eWebinars shows three top-level stats at-a-glance: how many people have Registered for it, how many Attended, and what percent of those have Engaged.

You can also now see how long each of your eWebinars is (i.e. 22m 5s) and the date it was last updated.

‘Live now’ button

A Live now button will appear next to the Chat button when a session is in progress and show you how many people are attending it — including anyone watching a replay.

Live now button on eWebinar

Click Live now and you’ll be taken to the corresponding tab in chat, where you can proactively reach out to attendees, even if they haven’t messaged you first.

Ability to filter and sort

It is easier to organize your eWebinars and quickly find the one you’re looking for. 

eWebinar home page filtering and sorting

A) Sort your eWebinars by when they were last Updated, how many people have Registered or Attended, the % of attendees who have Engaged, or A-Z.


If you enable Pin live & chat to top, eWebinars with live sessions or unread chat messages will automatically jump to the top of your Published eWebinars, so you don’t miss them.

B) Filter by Published, Drafts, or Templates.

C) Filter by Tag. 

Tags, which you can now add or edit from the homepage, serve two purposes: 

eWebinar sort options + pin live and chat to top

  1. To keep your eWebinars organized
  2. To control which product integrations you use with each eWebinar. Learn more → 

Improved navigation

Key actions are now listed on the right side of every eWebinar, making Widgets and Registrants easier to find. We’ve renamed Links to Share and Dashboard to Analytics

eWebinar card on homepage

A new Publish bar lets you know when you have unpublished changes, and makes it easy to Discard changes, if necessary.

Use Cases and Blog

Finally, you have easy access to eWebinar’s Use Cases and Blog from the top of the page, so you can pick up new ideas for how to use eWebinar to grow your business.

Have feedback for us about the new design? We’d love to hear from you!👂 


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