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How do tags work with the Integrations that eWebinar supports?

Describes the two ways tags may be used with integrations and how to add them to an eWebinar

Tags serve two purposes when setting up and using the integrations eWebinar supports.

  • Attendees will be tagged when exported to the product with which you integrate
  • Tags let you choose which integration you wish to use with each eWebinar

Attendees will be tagged when exported

This is an idea with which people who have used integrations with other products in the past are familiar. If you assign multiple tags to an eWebinar, those tags will be automatically associated with the attendees you export from that eWebinar to the product with which you have integrated. So, for example, if you have an eWebinar that is integrated with MailChimp and have added the tag marketing to that eWebinar, when attendees are passed through from that eWebinar to MailChimp, they will also be tagged with marketing automatically.

Tags let you choose which integrations you wish to use with each eWebinar

Tags serve a second, more powerful purpose. You can use tags to decide which integrations you want to use with which eWebinars. So, for example, you could tag three eWebinars with sales and tag two others with marketing. Then, you could set up two different integrations that are tagged in the same way, respectively, such that the eWebinars tagged with either sales or marketing — or both even — will use the corresponding integrations. The two different integrations can even be set up with the same product: one MailChimp integration for the tag sales and another MailChimp integration for the tag marketing.

NOTE: If an integration has no tags, it will used with all eWebinars.

Here is what it would like if a MailChimp integration were set up to only be used for eWebinars tagged with sales. Notice how the integration has been named "Mailchimp for Sales" so it can be told apart from other MailChimp integrations that might have also been set up.

And here is what it would look like if an eWebinar were tagged sales, thus enabling the MailChimp for Sales integration for that specific eWebinar.

Adding tags to an eWebinar

To add tags to an eWebinar, edit the eWebinar in question, go to Integrations under Settings and add whatever tags you would like in the field provided.

To add a custom tag, type the tag in the field provided and click Add.