March 23, 2022

eWebinar Update: Collect Tips and Donations with Ko-fi

eWebinar Update: Collect Tips and Donations with Ko-fi

Ko-fi (pronounced kaw-fee) is like a digital tip jar. All different kinds of creators — from artists and writers to podcasters and coaches — use Ko-fi to make it possible for their supporters, followers, and fans to “buy them a coffee” by sending them a cash tip online. 

Ko-fi = “coffee”. Get it?

eWebinar’s new Collect tips interaction, powered by Ko-fi, lets you accept donations during your webinars from your adoring attendees.

Ko-fi interaction in eWebinarSimply insert the interaction at the right moment in your webinar — you'll be asked to enter your Ko-fi username in the process — and you’re done. Then just sit back and feel the love!

It's free to set up a Ko-fi account and accept donations via PayPal. Learn more at

For details on how to set things up in eWebinar, check out this article on our Help Center.


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