What is eWebinar's integration with Ko-fi and how do I set it up?

Learn how to set up the 'Collect tips with Ko-fi' interaction so you can accept tips from attendees during your webinars.

Ko-fi (pronounced kaw-fee) is like a digital tip jar. Different kinds of creators use Ko-fi to allow their supporters to “buy them a coffee” by sending them a cash tip online. 

Ko-fi = “coffee”. Get it?

eWebinar’s Collect tips interaction, powered by Ko-fi, lets you accept donations during your webinars from your attendees.

Get set up on Ko-fi

To use the Collect tips interaction during your webinars, first, go to Ko-fi, create an account, and set things up there. It only takes a few minutes and it is free to accept donations via PayPal.

The settings you choose for yourself on Ko-fi will apply to your Collect tips interaction inside eWebinar. This includes things like:

  • How your name appears
  • The currency attendees can pay you in, like US $.
  • The default tip amount, like $3, which attendees can change
  • What people can "buy" you

NOTE: "Coffee" is the only word you can change in the language that appears at the top of the interaction card unless you upgrade your account in Ko-fi.

If you have any questions about Ko-fi, go to ko-fi.com or search their Help Center. eWebinar won't be able to answer your questions about their product.

Insert the Ko-fi interaction into your eWebinar

Once you're all set up in Ko-fi:

  1. Edit your eWebinar and go to the Interactions tab.
  2. Drag the playhead to the moment in the video timeline where you would like to insert the Interaction, as you would normally, and click Add interaction.
  3. Select Collect tips with Ko-fi under SPECIAL INTERACTIONS.
  4. Enter your Ko-fi username in the field provided. When you enter your user name correctly, the card will automatically render itself.

    Edit modal for Ko-fi interaction in eWebinar
  5. Click Save. It's that simple!