February 22, 2023

eWebinar Update: Conditional Interactions

eWebinar Update: Conditional Interactions

We're excited to announce a new feature that we've been working on for some time: conditional interactions!

The conditional display of interactions lets you take your webinars to the next level by creating a more personalized experience for each attendee, displaying only relevant interactions depending on who the attendee is and what they do.

This means you can program interactions to appear (or not) to attendees based on their:

  1. Responses to previous interactions 
  2. Answers to registration questions
  3. Characteristics or behavior

Here are examples of these three use cases:

Example #1: Display interactions based on responses to previous interactions

A Poll interaction asks how registrants first discovered your website. For those who answer ‘Google search’ — and only those people —  there is a follow-up Question interaction, “What were you searching for when you found us?”


Example #2: Display interactions based on answers to registration questions 

A required question is added to the registration form asking registrants what role they play at their company. When 'Customer Success' is the response, a CS-related case study (Link Interaction) is shown to the registrant during the webinar.

Example #3: Display interactions based on attendee characteristics or behavior

eWebinar captures certain information about registrants automatically, like their country (based on their IP address), the URL they came from before hitting your landing page, and any UTM parameters passed through from ads and other promotions.

In this example, a company places an ad on Facebook to drive attendees to their webinar. When an attendee comes from that channel, they see a social media call-to-action (Link interaction) to follow the company on Facebook.

Since the company has customers around the world, different Special Offer interactions are surfaced with links to appropriate pricing in each market.


Conditional display logic for interactions is a powerful tool for elevating your webinars and delivering a personalized experience for each and every attendee. The above examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities. 

We can't wait to see how our customers use this feature to take their webinars to the next level. The sky's the limit!

To get started with conditional display logic, check out this help article that explains in detail how to get set up.

Have feedback for us about this new feature? We’d love to hear from you!👂 

eWebinar Mentions

In other news, we were recently featured as top video conferencing software on Tekpon.com. And Talented Learning highlighted us as a great alternative to expensive LMS (Learning Management Systems) vendors.

We are always striving to provide the best possible webinar experience for our users and are thrilled to see our efforts being recognized!

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