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7 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Webinar Content (Get More Visibility)

7 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Webinar Content (Get More Visibility)

Webinars are among the best marketing strategies a business can use to attract more target customers. 

CMI shows that 64% of B2B brands use webinars for marketing themselves and generating customers.Bar Graph Showing Content Assets B2B Marketers

Source: CMI

You can use webinar campaigns to connect with target customers, educate them about your business, show business expertise, and convert them into customers.

The modern customer is very creative, and as you market your brand, you need to make your content marketing strategy more creative to capture their attention and let them know about your brand's products.

In this blog post, you will learn how you can repurpose your webinar content to reach more target customers and engage them more with webinars as you nurture them to be customers.

Repurpose at a Conference or Tradeshow

Since webinar content is recorded most of the time, you can use it to reach more target customers as you market your brand. Present the recorded webinar content at a conference or a tradeshow to engage target customers. 

You can ask the experts who hosted the webinar to help you. Also, allow the audience to ask questions and engage with the business. 

If the experts can answer and handle audience questions well, it can build more trust with the audience. Answering the target audience's questions will gain their trust and check out what the business has to offer. They can engage with the business website to know more about what it offers and even convert them into customers.

When the audience sees your business's value, they can engage more with the brand and even convert to using your products. Make sure your content is what your target audience is searching for as they search for information to solve their pains.

Additionally, if your webinar includes content in multiple languages, you can enhance its accessibility by providing transcripts. Not only will this cater to a wider global audience, but it will also improve your SEO.

To achieve this, you can use tools and services to transcribe and translate audio files into written transcripts. These transcripts can then be integrated into your content strategy — allowing you to reach a more diverse audience and boost your search engine visibility.

You can include the keywords your target customers use to search for information online.

Create Interactive Infographics

You can engage more target customers with infographics. If your webinar content covers lots of research, data, and statistics, it can make it easy to capture more readers if the content is converted into an infographic. 

Even if the infographic is not data-based, you can create a story-based infographic. Just ensure the story is interesting and about what target customers want to hear or search for as they find solutions to their pains.

Use visuals and content that capture the reader's attention and engage them more. Ensure the infographic content is easy to read and understand and covers the key points target customers are looking for.

Get the best tools to help you create your infographic and make it attractive to capture the reader's attention.

Divide & Distribute Key Moments into Social Clips

As you engage and interview experts for webinars, they will give their expertise, quotes or information that can help your audience. 

You can go through the webinar and get that information. To engage your target customers, you can divide it into social video clips and share them across different social media platforms. 

It will make your target customers engage more with your content and even click through to the website or the webinar content and engage with it. 

You can also structure your quotes and other information and include images to capture the readers' attention. 

Use expert quotes to create social media comments and posts that will help drive engagement and capture attention as you market your brand to your audience.

paul-thomson-quoteYour expert quotes should be about the challenges your target customers are trying to solve. They should show them the best way to solve the challenge or drive them to click links that provide more content for them.

Create Email Newsletter Series as a Lead Magnet

Not all your target customers get the opportunity to attend your webinars. You can create and repurpose your webinar content, create email series from it, and then send them to your email list subscribers. 

Ensure you use the best email marketing software to make the process easy and engage more subscribers.

You can include part of the webinar content and then link to the whole webinar content to capture their attention. Let your email series provide a guide and show target customers how to use your business to solve their pain points.

It will motivate them to click through and listen to the webinar content and engage more with your business. 

Ensure that you personalize your emails and include captivating CTA to make subscribers take action and convert. A personalized CTA converts much better.

Using AI writers can help you write more persuasive email copy and calls-to-action (CTA) within seconds that will encourage more people to click through to your webinar.A graph showing that button-based CTAs convert better than images regardless of the type of CTA

Source: Hubspot

When target customers see your email content and find it educational and engaging, they will click through to the business website and engage more with webinar content. Engagement can build more trust and increase conversions for the business.

Record a Podcast Based on Your Webinar Recording

To engage more target listeners, you can create a podcast from your webinar content and engage your listeners. Research shows that 80% of podcast listeners listen to the whole podcast episode.2019-podcast-stats-infographic

Source: Podcast Insights

Since most listen to the podcasts, you can engage them more with the webinar content if repurposed into a podcast episode. Let them see the value you can give them to solve their pains.

Cover in detail your webinar content in your podcasts and let your target audience get the information that will guide them to solve their pains.

You can upload the podcast content on your website and also send it to your target customers.

You can also use your social media accounts and share your links to the podcast to drive more people to the content where they can engage with it as they learn more about your brand.

Use the Webinar Recording as an Upsell

The webinar content is a marketing strategy to get target customers to know about the brand’s products and drive their desire to use the product. 

A great webinar recording can get target customers to use business products and upsell what a business offers, leading to more conversions and sales.

Your target customers are searching for the best business to solve their pains. You can use webinar content to generate leads and educate them on how they can use your products to solve their pains. 

You can use pre-recorded webinars as lead magnets to attract more target audiences to your business. To get the most out of webinars and upsell the target audience, you need to use the best webinar software

Your target audience should be able to communicate and interact with the webinar as if it were a live webinar. Your audience will have more engagement with the business after watching the recorded webinar if they trust the experts from the webinars. 

If they have used the business in the past, they are more likely to buy more products or services from the business as they have seen the value they can get and also trust the recommendation from the expert.

Transcribe Your Webinar For Powerful SEO

You can get a transcriber to transcribe the webinar content and then upload it to your website. You can include the keywords your target customers use to search for information online. 

You can use long-tail keywords with more than four fours to target an audience with specific queries. Long-tail keywords are keywords that contain more than one word. For example " best pre-recorded webinar software". Ahrefs shows that have more than four words.3-meta-rewrites-long-tails-fat-heads

Source: Ahrefs

That will make it easy for them to discover your content and engage more with your website content. Don’t forget to make your website mobile-friendly and load faster.=

You can, in the process, capture their attention and interest and drive them to take action that can lead to their conversion into customers.

Target customers are always searching for information and content to solve their pains. Once the webinar content is transcribed, you can add other content within it that customers are searching for.

To make the content engaging and interesting, you can add images and other visuals within the content. Many of your audience will engage with it as visuals capture attention easily. 

Also, make the content easy to read by including short sentences and paragraphs and using bullet points. Add links to the content that will drive readers to engage more with other content on your website.

Bonus: Use Your Previous Webinar to Hype Up Your Next One

As the process of marketing your brand is ongoing, you can leverage your previous webinars to engage more target customers and build trust with them.

You can leverage how your audience engaged with the webinars to know how to present your next ones.

Based on the interaction and engagement of the audience, you can use similar topics to the previous ones for the webinar sessions.

If your target customers engage more with certain topics, it shows they are more interested and can drive more target customers to your business as you engage them. 

Repurpose Your Webinars for More Brand Awareness

Your target customers consume and prefer different content types as they engage with your brand. 

For instance, some will prefer to read content on a website while others listen to recorded podcasts or webinars.

Repurposing webinar content will allow you to connect with more target customers and increase your brand awareness

You will draw more target customers to your business website and let them see what you offer and how you can solve their pains. =

Use the above ways to repurpose your webinars and engage your target audience more with your business.

 Author Bio: With 10+ years of eCommerce & marketing experience, Bhujal Patel is passionate about helping businesses get more revenue and profit through customized strategies. Bhujal lives in Toronto, ON, and writes about online business ideas and scaling your eCom business at mydigitalkube.com.

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