Can I use eWebinar to repurpose my existing video content?

Explains how you can use eWebinar to breathe life into the video content you have

Absolutely! In fact, that is often the easiest way to get started with eWebinar.

eWebinar can turn any video into a lively, engaging webinar and make it possible for you to actively interact with customers on a regular basis long after your video was made. What may have started as a video is suddenly a two-way customer engagement platform.

If you want to automate the recordings of your live webinars in order to continue to reap the benefits of all that work and capture leads from them, we created a webinar template specifically for that purpose:

Repurpose the 'Replay' of Your Live Webinar or Livestream Template

What're you waiting for? If you have a video to work with, create an eWebinar now!