November 17, 2023

Effective Webinar Invitation Subject Lines That Convert (+ Examples)

Effective Webinar Invitation Subject Lines That Convert (+ Examples)

It takes a lot of work to build an engaging and memorable webinar.

If done correctly, you can unlock some pretty amazing benefits by creating video content like webinars for your brand. For example, 86% of marketers say this type of content has improved their lead-generation efforts, while 81% say it has helped them boost sales. 

Asking email subscribers to register or following up with people who have already signed up can drastically increase attendance rates and improve the odds that your event will be a success.

Today, we will show you everything you need to know about creating click-worthy emails. We’ve also found some great webinar invitation subject lines and emails you can use to inspire your next campaign.

Here’s what you’ll find in this post:

  • Why send webinar invitation emails?
  • How to write click-worthy webinar invitation subject lines
  • 5 webinar invite subject line examples (+ why they work) 

Why send webinar invitation emails?

Before we get into specifics and discuss subject lines, it’s important to talk about why sending webinar invitation emails matters in the first place. 

Imagine convincing 100 people to sign up for your live event — except you started promoting too soon. By the time your webinar rolls around, over half of the people who said they would attend forgot that they saved their seats. 

You can get most of these people back in the loop and drastically boost engagement by sending a few reminders leading up to the event. 

Webinar invitation emails are also a great way to build rapport with existing email subscribers who haven’t yet signed up for your presentation. The key to making this strategy work is carefully choosing who gets an invitation. 

Pay attention to your audience segments and send invitations to subscribers if the topic resonates with their needs, goals, and pain points.

For example, if an online pet store decided to host a webinar on caring for kittens, they probably wouldn’t want to send random invitations to dog and reptile owners.

Instead, they would send emails to their segment designated for cat owners since they’re more likely to attend. In short, sending webinar invitation emails can help boost attendance, build trust, nurture leads, and ultimately generate more sales and engagement. 

How to write click-worthy webinar invitation subject lines

Now that you know why webinar invites matter, let’s talk about creating click-worthy invitation subject lines. It’s estimated that over 347.3 billion emails are sent every single day. In other words, your subject line needs to stand out if you want people to open it and take action. 

Before we dive in and look at the examples, I want to share a few general things to keep in mind if you want more people to open your invitation email. It’s worth mentioning that you may only use two to three of these strategies at once due to the concise nature of email subject lines. 

Understand your subscribers

Source: Freepik

The first thing you need to do before you start sending out emails is understand who you’re talking to. When you know about your readers’ interests, pain points, and motivations, it’s easier to craft subject lines that resonate with their needs and expectations.

Think about what people who need your product or service want to learn and how you can deliver. The best thing you can do in this situation is gather plenty of feedback and review your analytics. Use what you find to craft buyer personas for your webinar. 

Now, you can start thinking from their point of view and craft webinar subject lines that capture their attention and convince them to open your message.

Highlight benefits

Highlighting the benefits of attending your webinar in the subject line is a great way to spark curiosity and give subscribers a reason to read your email. The way I try to think of it is if someone doesn’t understand what they stand to gain by opening the email, there’s a slim chance they will register for our webinar. 

You can highlight the benefits in several different ways. For example, if you’re hosting a webinar on growing a YouTube Channel, your subject line could say, “[Webinar] Ready to Triple Your YouTube Subscribers?” 

This particular example highlights the purpose of your webinar and teases subscribers by telling them how they’ll benefit by attending. 

There are no doubt countless benefits to attending your event that you can choose from based on your industry and audience. Before you publish a webinar invitation subject line, ask yourself if users can see how they will benefit by clicking through. 

Create a sense of urgency

Adding a touch of urgency to your subject line can have a massive impact on engagement. The reason boils down to fear of missing out (FOMO).

Source: Unsplash

People don’t want to feel like they may miss out on an event or promotion. This is especially true of events if there’s something unique available, like the option to talk to an expert. If you’re wondering how well FOMO marketing works, consider this: 60% of shoppers who’ve experienced fear of missing out take action less than 24 hours after the initial feeling.

When crafting your invitation subject lines, think of how you can leverage the power of FOMO to boost engagement. You can tell users what they’ll miss if they don’t show up, use time limitations to encourage them to click through (for example – 12 hours left to sign up!), and bring a general sense of urgency to opening and responding to your email.

Personalize the message

If you’re reaching out to an existing subscriber, there’s no reason you shouldn’t include some form of personalization in your subject line. In most cases, this means mentioning them by name or making the webinar relevant to something they’ve purchased in the past. 

Believe it or not, 80% of people say they’re more likely to engage with brands that personalize content and offers around their needs. 

The best part about this aspect of creating subject lines is you can automate the process once you gather information from your subscribers and build profiles for people based on relevant interests and goals. 

We found that personalizing subject lines improved our average open rate by 22%. A vast majority of people who click through end up signing up, so this is one strategy you do not want to skip!

5 webinar invitation subject line examples (+ why they work)

Now that you know a little more about creating webinar invitation subject lines, let’s look at five excellent examples from around the internet. I’ll also explain why these titles work so well. 

Let’s dive in! 

Example #1: Last Call: An Educator’s Guide to Teaching over Zoom

The first webinar invitation subject line on our list comes from Zoom, a video software that allows people to meet up and talk face-to-face from around the globe.  

Source: Really Good Emails

Their subject line has a lot going for it. The first thing you’ll notice is that they immediately invoked FOMO marketing by starting with “Last Call.” If someone wanted to sign up for this webinar but put it off, they would feel compelled to register at this point. 

You’ll also notice that it speaks to a specific audience, educators, and what they will gain by attending the presentation. In this sense, their webinar subject line covered three of the click-worthy traits we covered in the last section. 

Example #2: What if you could launch products 12x faster?

Next up, we have a subject line from the team management and organization software, Asana. Asana has close to 140,000 paying customers and regularly hosts webinars with high-profile speakers.

Source: Really Good Emails

The best way to describe their subject line is simple yet effective. It poses a question that many of their customers think about: “What if you could launch products 12x faster?” 

Since Asana aims to streamline workflows and make things easier for clients, it makes sense that they would host webinars teaching users how Asana can save time and money. This subject line invokes curiosity but is short enough to look great on any platform.

Example #3: [WEBINAR] Join Maze & InVision for best practices, tips, and tricks on testing at scale

Maze, an analytics tool, and InVision, a whiteboard and productivity platform, teamed up for the next subject line on our list. There are a few things here I really like and think could help businesses across all industries.

Source: Really Good Emails

For starters, they include the word webinar at the front of the email subject line. There’s no question about what they are sending and what they hope subscribers will do after reading the headline. 

Another powerful part of this subject line is it features the names of both companies. This form of collaboration helps build social proof and can get people who are fans of either or both businesses to sign up. 

Finally, readers can see exactly what they stand to gain by clicking the email. If they want to learn how to collect insights at scale, this subject line is bound to catch their attention. 

Example #4: Smiles Davis, we’re hosting a live event to celebrate Shakespeare!

Harney & Sons, a well-known herbal and loose-leaf tea seller, created the headline on our list. This webinar subject line starts with the subscriber’s name, Smiles Davis. If you found an email from a company you like and they started the email by using your name, there’s a good chance you’d click through and read their message.

Source: Really Good Emails

A neat strategy they use here is including the word “celebrate.” Since their company sells tea and doesn’t do any kind of intensive training, like a SaaS, their events need to sound fun and lighthearted. “Celebrate” invokes these emotions and is much more likely to catch the attention of subscribers looking to have a good time instead of learning a new skill. 

Example #5: A free webinar with Alex Strohl and Charly Savely

Wildist is an all-natural toothpaste and deodorant company that often hosts webinars about topics that matter to their customers, like photography and art. The following is from a webinar that teaches attendees how to take photos in nature. 

Source: Really Good Emails

They start the subject line with the word “free,” which is bound to catch their audience’s attention. We all want to learn new skills and expand our horizons. If you’re into photography, a free webinar is one of the best things you can ask for. 

Wildist manages to kick it up a notch by mentioning that two well-known photographers, Charly Savely and Alex Strohl, will share their experiences, photos, and actionable tips. If you’re into this topic, seeing that two respected experts from that industry will be there could easily affect whether you attend.

Webinar subject line templates and examples

Before I go, I want to share a few webinar email subject line templates you can start using today. 

  • Don’t miss out: Last chance of the year to learn about [relevant topic] 
  • Limited availability: Save your seat today so you can [benefit]
  • Ready to learn how to [common pain point]? 
  • [Customer name], don’t miss your chance to [common goal] 
  • Interested in [goal]? Sign up before it’s too late!
  • [Relevant topic] secrets: We reveal all at our live webinar
  • Free Webinar on [topic]! Register today!
  • Time is running out - [time] left to grab your seat! 
  • [pain point] challenges holding you back? Let us help. 
  • [Name], learn from the experts and elevate your skills
  • Friendly reminder: [webinar name] is happening [date]

These templates can be remixed in many different ways. Feel free to make changes so they fit your industry and events. I highly recommend testing the performance of your subject lines over time so you can learn what type of messaging appeals to your audience. 

After some practice and experimenting, you’ll have a catalog of engaging webinar invitation subject lines that you can use to captivate your audience and turn subscribers into loyal customers.

Author bio: Syed Balkhi is the founder of WPBeginner, the largest free WordPress resource site. With over 10 years of experience, he’s the leading WordPress expert in the industry. You can learn more about Syed and his portfolio of companies by following him on his social media networks.