February 26, 2024

eWebinar Update: Embedded Player + In-Video Registration

eWebinar Update: Embedded Player + In-Video Registration

We're excited to announce two new features that have gone live with the latest update:

  • Our new embedded player widget allows you to embed the full eWebinar experience into any page on your domain
  • In-video registration lets you surface a registration form inside the video player of ungated sessions (including in the embedded player)

Embedded player widget

The problem with most on-demand webinars is they're not actually webinars.

They're just videos embedded on a landing page. They have no chat or interactivity, the very things that make webinars, well... webinars.

Our new embedded player widget breaks this mold by letting you embed our video player and the entire eWebinar experience into your own webpage or landing page.

embedded player

When someone clicks to watch your webinar, the webinar room expands to fill the page – with interactions and chat included – on either desktop or mobile. See the embedded player in action and learn more about it in our Help Center.

Note: You will also get to see how in-video registration works about a minute into the video.

The embedded player supports ungated replays and on-demand webinars, which means people can watch your webinar anonymously without having to sign up. If you want to add registration to the embedded player, or any ungated session, keep reading to learn about our new in-video registration interaction.

Please note the embedded player is currently in BETA. When the BETA period ends, it will become a part of the Custom domain subscription add-on and only be embeddable on pages on your custom domain.

In-video registration interaction

The in-video registration interaction makes it possible to surface a registration form inside the video player of ungated sessions, including in the embedded player.

in-video registration v2

If you add in-video registration at the beginning of your video (at 00:00), the form will pop up right when the viewer clicks to watch, before the video even starts.

If you add it later in the video, you get the opportunity to demonstrate value and pique the viewer's interest before asking them to give you their name and email.

A number of settings let you customize the interaction. For example, you can make in-video registration required or optional:

ivr settings v3

If you make it required, the viewer can't start watching (or keep watching) your webinar until they successfully submit the form.

If you make it optional, they can skip the form and watch it anonymously.

You may add the in-video registration interaction to your webinars, like every other interaction, from the Interactions tab in edit mode. Just remember that this interaction applies and will only ever appear in ungated sessions.

Learn more about in-video registration and how to use it in our Help Center!


Since the embedded player and in-video registration are new features, we welcome your feedback about how to make them better. To do this, contact us at support@ewebinar.com or chat with us on our website.

We hope the embedded player widget and in-video registration interaction help you tailor the attendee experience no matter how your audience chooses to watch your webinars!