November 16, 2022

eWebinar Partners with Leadpages

eWebinar Partners with Leadpages

When some of our customers started asking us for more sophisticated landing pages, we knew it was time to partner with Leadpages. You see, we believe in letting experts do what they do best and Leadpages is the best of the best at what they do: landing page software.

At eWebinar, we are the webinar automation experts. We obsess about it. It's why we offer the best pre-recorded webinar creation and attendee experience, bar none.

Landing page software, however, is a world all its own. Our landing pages are solid, yes — they work perfectly for the majority of our customers — but they will never match the nuances and complexities of specialized page builders designed for modern marketing. Why? Because that's their expertise.

It's for this reason we offer the largest, most customizable selection of registration widgets, so you can use whatever page builder you want, including our favorite, Leadpages.

To kick off our partnership, we created a free 75-minute training webinar to show you How to Create a High-Converting Webinar Landing Page:

How to Create a High-Converting Webinar Landing Page
Hosted by  Melissa Kwan, Bob Sparkins
Maybe the most crucial step in a webinar sales funnel is the moment you convert visitors of your landing page into webinar attendees. If you can't make that happen — with your target audience in particular — then the right people never get to experience how the solution you offer is a perfect fit for the problem they are struggling with. A webinar is a powerful sales tools, but if you can't get anyone to show up for it, so what?! In this interactive webinar, CEO of eWebinar, Melissa Kwan, interviews Bob Sparkins from the #1 landing page building platform, Leadpages, and asks him to share his roadmap for creating a webinar landing page with a high conversion rate you can count on. Bob takes 15+ years of digital marketing experience, combines it with real world insights gained during his many years at Leadpages, and boils it all down in to a step-by step process that's easy for you to follow. Whether your webinars are live or evergreen, Bob's the man with the plan! Be sure to stick around till the end for a special webinar-only offer from Leadpages.

We also co-designed a webinar landing page template available in Leadpages (shown below) that incorporates the principles explained in the training. (Our landing page is a great example of this template when customized.)
Leadpages webinar landing page templateIf you already have Leadpages, you can get started with the template right away. (Installing one of our marketing widgets in Leadpages takes less than 30 seconds. Here is how.) If not, don’t worry, all you have to do is sign up here first.

Because we always want our customers to be able to use the best-of-the-best products with eWebinar, we will continue to integrate with other category-defining tools, just like we have with ActiveCampaign, Slack, Twilio, BombBomb, and now Leadpages!