October 16, 2023

eWebinar Update: Remove eWebinar Branding + Team Rewards

eWebinar Update: Remove eWebinar Branding + Team Rewards

A couple of quick updates to share with you:

🎩 Remove eWebinar branding

Abracadabra! You can now remove the “Powered by eWebinar” branding from your webinars, registration pages, and notification emails by subscribing to the Remove eWebinar Branding add-on for $29/month. Visit the My plan page to subscribe.

❤️ Or help spread the love and earn $100 cash

If you leave our branding on your eWebinars, your team can now earn a $100 cash reward for every referral that clicks “Powered by eWebinar”, is taken to our website, and later becomes a customer!

All you have to do is sign up for our rewards program and your referral link will be automatically added to “Powered by eWebinar'' wherever it appears.

After signing up for our rewards program, go to the My plan page and verify you were added as the Team rewards recipient under Team rewards. (If more than one team member has signed up for our rewards program, you must choose one to be the rewards recipient.)

🙏 Thank you for helping us spread the word!

We’re a growing bootstrapped startup and happy customers like you sharing your experience is what inspires others to give us a try so we can continue to provide you the best product and service for your business.

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