March 27, 2024

eWebinar Update: SOC 2 Compliant + ProfitLed Podcast Season 2

eWebinar Update: SOC 2 Compliant + ProfitLed Podcast Season 2

We've got some great news!

  • We're now SOC 2 compliant so your registrant data is even more secure
  • Pan-and-zoom editing lets you frame interaction images how you want
  • Season 2 of ProfitLed continues — relive our journey to $1M ARR!

SOC 2 compliance is here

SOC 2, aka Service Organization Control Type 2, is a cybersecurity compliance framework developed to ensure that third-party service providers, like eWebinar, store and process client data in a secure manner.

Many big companies, especially publicly traded ones, won't approve the use of new software unless the vendor can prove SOC 2 compliance. Since we can now do that, many companies may now use eWebinar that previously couldn't.

For everyone else, it means your customer data is more secure than ever!

Pan-and-zoom editing for interaction images

Before, if you wanted to frame an image for an interaction in a particular way, you had to edit the image outside of eWebinar while guesstimating how much room to leave at the bottom for the semi-transparent title bar. This trial-and-error process was both frustrating and time-consuming.

Now, when you add an image to an interaction, you can zoom into the part of the image you want to focus on and then pan — meaning to move the image by dragging and dropping it — so it is framed exactly as you like. A preview of the title bar shows you precisely how it will look relative to the image after you save it.

zoom and pan interaction images

For design-minded folks who like to use a lot of images in interactions, you know how much time and effort this is gonna save you!

Tip: If there's an interaction you use across multiple webinars, save it as a favorite so you won't have to recreate it each time.

Season 2 of ProfitLed continues

ProfitLed podcast co-hosts eWebinar CEO Melissa Kwan and COO Todd Parmley give you a window into "Our Journey to $1Mby sharing details of what it was like to bootstrap eWebinar to $1M in annual recurring revenue in 36 months.

We just released 3 new episodes! Subscribe on your favorite podcast app or click the links below to tune in now:

Episode 4: Building a Founding Team with Limited Resources

Episode 5: Recruiting a Top 1% Cofounder and CTO

Episode 6: Going from Idea to Product Launch in 16 Months