April 20, 2022

eWebinar Update: BombBomb Integration + 'Next Webinar' Interaction

eWebinar Update: BombBomb Integration + 'Next Webinar' Interaction

eWebinar launched a couple of great new features in April we're excited to tell you about:

  • BombBomb integration for video message in your email notifications
  • New interaction to promote the 'Next webinar' in a series of webinars

BombBomb integration for video messages in your email notifications

Make your confirmation, reminder, and follow-up emails more personable by inserting a BombBomb video message in them, whether that's an existing video imported from your BombBomb account or one you record on the spot. Humanizing your emails with video is a great way to establish connections and build trust.

Animated give of video inserted in email

Read this post on our Help Center to learn how to use the BombBomb integration.


New interaction to support the 'Next webinar' in a series of webinars

You know how in Netflix when one episode of a TV series ends, the next one begins right away if you want? With our 'Next webinar' interaction, you can promote and let attendees register for another one of your webinars during the webinar they are currently in! If they decide they want to join the next webinar right away, they will be taken into a session immediately after the webinar they are in ends. Otherwise, they can register for a time that fits their calendar in the coming days.

'Next webinar' interaction in eWebinarThe 'Next webinar' interaction is great if you have a series of webinars and want attendees to always register for the next webinar in the series when they finish the one before. (You can also include a link to register for the next webinar in your follow-up emails.) What better time to ask attendees to take the next step in their webinar journey with you when they are feeling the value of what you offer!

Here is a 90-second video explaining how to set it up.

Happy spring! 🐣


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