December 13, 2021

Maximizing the Business Value of Pre-recorded Webinars Using the eWebinar Integration with HubSpot

Maximizing the Business Value of Pre-recorded Webinars Using the eWebinar Integration with HubSpot

Live webinars are used by everyone from onboarding teams to sales teams to customer success teams. But repetition of the same handful of live training or onboarding sessions over and over again can quickly lead to burnout. 

Repeating training sessions with the same information can take up a significant amount of time and energy from team members who are better off focusing on strategy and customer or the employee experience.

The eWebinar integration with HubSpot takes eWebinar’s interactive webinar features and combines them with HubSpot automation and nurturing capabilities to improve engagement and conversions. By automating onboarding, training, and sales workflows that include evergreen webinars and incorporating opportunities to learn more about the individuals in their audience, teams can uncover meaningful connections and establish deeper relationships.  

Read on for more insights into how eWebinar and HubSpot can help: 

  1. Sales teams automate their introductory pitches or product demos
  2. Marketing teams host and promote evergreen webinars for content marketing and lead generation
  3. Customer success teams automate their onboarding and training webinars
  4. HR and training teams optimize onboarding and ongoing educational opportunities for employees

Benefits of Using the eWebinar Integration with HubSpot to Maximize the Value of Webinars

Onboarding and product webinars take a significant amount of time and effort to produce, but once created can serve as powerful sales and training tools. Using automation tools and analytics, teams can optimize and personalize evergreen content, saving time for video creators.  

Using eWebinar with HubSpot, users can regularly revamp the webinar experience by capturing and tracking attendee behavior in the HubSpot CRM, so they can nudge contacts to take the next step on their journey, and improve conversions and overall engagement.

“Automating your webinars means you can reach so many more prospects and customers, and it frees up your team's time to put towards other revenue generating tasks.”
— Jenny Brennan, Senior Director of Sales at Agorapulse

Automatic Data Capture

When you integrate eWebinar with your HubSpot CRM, contacts are created in HubSpot automatically any time someone registers for one of your webinars. Then, their webinar activity is tracked in the contact's timeline events in HubSpot and any in-webinar activity, such as answers to questions and polls, can be mapped into custom fields.

Attendance metrics in eWebinar AnalyticsPersonalized Marketing Automation at Scale

The data you capture from eWebinar can then be used to segment your audience for highly personalized post-webinar follow up and ongoing relationship nurturing.  For example, workflows in HubSpot can be created based on whether or not a contact attended the webinar after registering for it. Any data captured from eWebinar can be used in the conditional logic of your automated marketing workflows.

eWebinar registration form

3 Ways Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success Teams Can Use the eWebinar Integration with HubSpot to Optimize Webinar Workflows

95% of marketers say that webinars play a key part in their marketing strategy. And with the global webinar market estimated to be worth $800 million by 2023, it’s clear that webinars are an effective marketing strategy for growing companies.

To make the most out of sales, marketing, and customer success webinars, and use interactive videos to move your organization forward, here are three ways to maximize the business value of webinars with help from the eWebinar integration with HubSpot.

Increase Sales Lead Conversions

Today’s buyers expect to be able to get information about a product immediately, instead of having to speak to a salesperson or sign up for next week’s demo. With the eWebinar integration, prospects can use the just-in-time scheduling feature to join a demo immediately and start their preliminary research on their own. If they have questions, they have a direct line of communication with the sales team and can reach out through the webinar chat feature.

Sales team members can ask qualifying questions of prospects during webinars and pass their answers through to HubSpot along with their contact information.

Sales leads from eWebinar are pre-educated and only request to reach out to a salesperson if they are really interested to buy, so they are high quality and have purchase intent.

Additionally, the date and time attendees registered as well as how much of the webinar they watched is all captured in HubSpot along with responses to your qualifying questions. Sales teams can use this data to decide the best way to follow up with each lead, including knowing which leads are most likely to convert so they can prioritize reaching out to those contacts.

Scale Content Marketing Webinars

Live webinars are effective content marketing tools for lead generation. However, they are challenging to scale because someone always needs to be there to host them live.

When marketing teams use eWebinar they can ramp up their webinar strategy and make the content they create evergreen. Instead of hosting a one-time live event, companies can create a video presentation and host it on eWebinar to run as a recurring event that attendees can register for at their convenience. When they do, their contact information is captured and sent to HubSpot.

Then, contacts captured from content marketing webinars can be segmented into different audiences within the CRM or marketing database based on the data collected from them in eWebinar. Using this data and contact activities, teams can set up workflows that follow up with targeted, personalized recommendations along with long-term lead nurturing sequences.

“I would recommend eWebinar to any company that is already using live webinars to grow your business and want to scale. If your business depends on live webinars, you're also limiting your growth to the availability of your webinar host and customer schedules.”
— Jenny Brennan, Senior Director of Sales, Agorapulse

Automate Onboarding Webinars

Similarly, customer success teams can automate their onboarding and training webinars with eWebinar so they don’t have to give the same presentation over and over again. Companies that were previously only able to do 2-4 live sessions a month can run 100+ sessions per month when they use eWebinar with HubSpot.

Customers can get the training they need when they need it, and customer success teams can see if and how much customers are engaging with the content. These webinars are also a great forum for soliciting direct product feedback. Attendance, watch time, engagement, and other attendee behavior, like responses to questions and polls, are all captured in HubSpot through this integration.

Did you know? Interactive video content improves user adoption and customer satisfaction.

There are a few different benefits customer success teams get by implementing the HubSpot integration with eWebinar and capturing data from their training and onboarding webinars, including:

  • Following up effectively with each customer based on their specific behavior and responses to questions.
  • Seeing who has not engaged with their content and may be at risk of churning.
  • Capturing direct customer feedback to be shared with the product team.

To begin using webinars to improve GTM strategy and customer engagement, add the eWebinar integration to your HubSpot account today.