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eWebinar and Thinkific announce partnership

eWebinar and Thinkific announce partnership

Thinkific is a software platform that allows anyone to create, market, sell, and deliver their own online courses. It lets course creators build an education business over which they have control. For many, this means being able to work from home, make their own schedules, and live their lives on their own terms. Most Thinkific course creators are solo entrepreneurs who value this level of freedom.

Webinars are a great tool for selling online courses. They give people a taste of who the instructor is, what will be offered in the course, and how what is taught would makes their lives better. Webinars are impactful because they are personal. They help potential students establish a connection with the instructor so they then feel motivated to take the action to sign up. The problem is webinars demand alot of time and energy, especially if the plan is to host them on a regular basis, which is critical as part of a long-term sales strategy.

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Here is where a partnership between Thinkific and eWebinar makes so much sense.

eWebinar is an automated webinar solution that combines pre-recorded video with live chat and real-time interactions to deliver an engaging experience for attendees. It lets you turn any video into an automated, interactive webinar that can be set on a recurring schedule and made available as often and for as long as necessary — on any day, at any time, and in any timezone.

For Thinkific course creators, the benefits are obvious. If they take the time to craft a solid sales pitch for their online courses, they can turn a video of that presentation into an automated webinar and begin selling their courses around the clock, without needing to be there.

The beauty of eWebinar is that automation doesn't require giving up the chance to interact with and learn from potential customers. eWebinar lets you add interactions — like questions, polls, tips and more — and program them to pop up at key moments during the webinar. The chat feature lets hosts decide how much or how quickly they want to interact with leads. They can jump in and chat with them in real time, or respond later by email. eWebinar is a powerful sales tool that lets course creators connect with new customers while holding on to the freedom they value so much.

As part of their partnership, eWebinar and Thinkific developed an integration that makes it easy for people to get started and quickly see the benefits of automated webinars. Here are the highlights of that integration:

Thinkific interaction card

Use this special interaction card to direct attendees to the checkout page of your course at exactly the right moment in the sales pitch of your eWebinar.

thinkific interaction

Thinkific eWebinar template

Use this template, created by Aaron Morin of Thinkific, to quickly create an effective webinar to sell your course, one which incorporates best sales practices and comes with a number of pre-set interactions.

thinkific template


eWebinar widget

You can install an eWebinar countdown widget on your Thinkific landing page in order to drive attendees to your webinar.

thinkific widget

eWebinar’s mission is to give people back their time. Through this partnership, if Thinkific course creators get their time back while growing their businesses, eWebinar will not only be accomplishing its own mission, but also that of Thinkific’s and their shared customers as well.

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