"You need so much more than equity to get the best CTOs excited and bring them on board."

Melissa Kwan, Cofounder and CEO of eWebinar, ProfitLed Podcast

Melissa Kwan
Melissa Kwan, Cofounder and CEO
eWebinar, ProfitLed Podcast
Digital Nomad
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About Melissa Kwan

Melissa Kwan is the Cofounder and CEO of eWebinar, an automated webinar solution that combines pre-recorded video with real-time interactions and live chat to deliver an engaging experience for attendees. Melissa and her team believe that by automating the repetitive and tedious task of giving the same onboarding, training, and sales presentations over and over, they free people up to focus their time on something else they value more.

Melissa is also the host of ProfitLed, a podcast that focuses on growth strategies for bootstrapped entrepreneurs from proven founders and strategists. If only 1% of startups get venture capital, then 99% of startups are ProfitLed. Melissa is passionate about telling the stories of those who have forged their own path and on their own terms to show founders around the world that it can be done, and that they are not alone.

S2E5 Recruiting a Top 1% Cofounder and CTO


About this episode

David, eWebinar's CTO and Cofounder, floated around for 2 years as a fractional CTO before joining the company. Previous to that, he was the cofounder for a New York telecomm startup that raised $10m, but shut down after they failed to find enough traction after 4 years to continue raising capital.

Melissa shares David's story and what his mindset was after quitting Microsoft for startup life, and how his beliefs shifted away from gunning for "all or nothing" to "how do I not end up with nothing?"

On this episode, Melissa talks about what founders should know when they're pitching an experienced CTO who has an abundance of options, what a top 1% CTO/Cofounder looks like, and how to navigate equity split when they decide to join your team.

About ProfitLed

On Season Two of ProfitLed, Melissa (CEO and Cofounder of eWebinar) and Todd (COO) goes in-depth on one topic per episode on their "Journey to $1M" at eWebinar.

They share war stories, mistakes, and lessons learned as they grew the company to a million in ARR over 36 months. Their goal is to demystify bootstrapping by sharing their experience of it, and tell you what it’s really like to figure things out as you go.

ProfitLed is a podcast by and for founders brave (and crazy) enough to grow their startups to profitability without venture capital.

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