"Being able to build on the road and see the world as a digital nomad...that's ultimate freedom."

Meaghan Burns, Cofounder of Dunyasi Ventures

Meaghan Burns
Meaghan Burns, Cofounder
Dunyasi Ventures
Dallas, Texas, USA
Founder journey, Bootstrapping, Operations

About Meaghan Burns

Meaghan Burns is the Cofounder of Dunyasi Ventures and is on a mission to simplify tech hiring. She set out to build a tech recruiting company that allows her to live anywhere in the world and place software engineers and leaders in top startups and high-growth companies in the USA.

Office Hours 1 | Meaghan Burns, Dunyasi Ventures


About this episode

Fellow bootstrapped founders are invited on ProfitLed Office Hours to discuss or ask anything they want around building their company.

In this first ProfitLed Office Hours episode, Meaghan Burns from Dunyasi Ventures connects with host, Melissa Kwan, to discuss questions like:

  • How are you building your company around your life?

  • What's your advice on how non-technical founders can find cofounders?

  • What has been your biggest challenge building your company on the road as a digital nomad?

  • Do you hire developers direct or through an agency?

  • How did you transition from founder to CEO?

  • How did you structure your business so your team can also have flexibility?

  • How did you stay motivated through the hard times in your previous startup?

Want to come on Office Hours?

If you are a bootstrapped founder who is grappling with building your business and would like to be a guest of ProfitLed Office Hours, you can reach out to Melissa on LinkedIn.

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