"We run perfect webinars without the technical problems that plague live sessions."

Greg Robertson, Head Of Enterprise Sales of Lone Wolf Technologies

Greg Robertson
Greg Robertson , Head Of Enterprise Sales
Lone Wolf Technologies
Real Estate Tech, SaaS
Cambridge, Ontario

About W+R Studios

Founded in 2008, W+R Studios is a privately held web software company creating focused software for the real estate industry.

Co-founders Dan Woolley and Greg Robertson have over 20 years experience each developing and marketing software in the real estate industry. The leadership team brings together expertise across product, design, engineering, sales, and marketing.

How did you get started with eWebinar?

When eWebinar was first introduced to us, we didn’t really understand the concept. The idea of an automated webinar was brand new to us. Once we watched a video of how the product worked and saw an eWebinar in action, we got it. Since then, we have started using eWebinar to automate our sales presentations and other webinars that we had previously only presented live.

What was the experience like of setting up your first eWebinar?

We found the process of setting up an eWebinar super intuitive and easy. We didn’t have any training whatsoever and were able to set up our first eWebinar in minutes.

What are some of the benefits you have seen that have come out of using eWebinar?

eWebinar is helping us get back one of our most precious resources, time. We record the perfect webinar, with great sound and lighting and a smooth delivery, and then we launch it to the world without having to worry about the technical problems that always plague our live webinars. The whole thing is automated and on a recurring schedule. So not only do we get our time back, we have the peace of mind that our webinars are going to be reliably and consistently high-quality every single time. And more time on our hands means more time spent on help our customers succeed.

How has eWebinar improved the sales process?

The pre-programmed interactions have really helped customers stay engaged with the content being delivered. As a result, we have seen increased lead flow.

Is there anything else about eWebinar that has really impressed you?

Our company is very design focused. So it was great to see another company like eWebinar who cares as much as we do.


[Transcript] So why do I love eWebinar? Well, I love webinars in general because my clients feel that it's more of an interactive experience, it's a more personal experience because they can see the presenter, they can interact with the presenter, ask questions, answer, do a poll, clicks on call to action. So, that interactiveness is really great about webinars. It's also a great lead generation device because we can tout the exclusiveness of watching a live webinar and people will sign up for that. But a lot of times people just sign up for it because they want to see the replay of the webinar as well. So it really works great in both ways.

What I don't like about webinars is that they're prone to technical problems. Your computer could be having issues that day, you could have internet issues, sound issues, video issues. I mean just a lot could go wrong and it seems that it does go wrong when you're doing something live especially. So that's what's great about eWebinar. It takes away all the bad but still retains all the good. So with an eWebinar I can create something and make it pitch perfect. I can put my product in the best light, the presenter in the best light. It's like their best demo ever in fact. That's because you're recording it ahead of time. But it still maintains that interactiveness where people can ask questions, they can participate in polls, there's calls to action within that so that interactivity is still kept there.

Plus I can still use this as a great lead generation because we can premiere the video when it first goes out and then it lives on the internet later on for capturing more leads as it goes. And I think having that interactivity will really help that have leads within when they're doing the webinar as well. And then there's no technical issues because I've shot it ahead of time and I know that everything is as I say pitch perfect. So, I just love your eWebinar. In fact I mean really, we're really starting to think why do any live webinars ever. I mean, there's really no point to it. I mean, there's just too much risk there in a sense. So, eWebinar for the win.