"I could record the best demo of my software that I've ever done before and it would live forever!"

Greg Robertson, Cofounder of W+R Studios

Greg Robertson
Greg Robertson, Cofounder
W+R Studios
Huntington Beach, CA, USA
Real estate tech, SaaS
Marketing, Sales, SaaS, Real estate tech, Real estate, Product demos

About W+R Studios

Founded in 2008, W+R Studios is a leading web software company creating focused software for the real estate industry. In 2020, they joined Lone Wolf Technologies.


I could record the best demo of my software that I've ever done before and it would live forever

[Transcript] So what was my aha moment with eWebinar? I guess as I run both the sales and the marketing department in my company and I do a lot of webinars. You find yourself doing the same pitch over and over again, the same demo over and over again. And to be honest, sometimes you have a good day and a bad day, you have an on day or an off day. When you're in sales or marketing these kinds of things happen. You also have things like especially in this year of COVID you have technical difficulties with your webinars and things like that. And it seems like anytime I really thought I was doing a great pitch or a great demo we'd always have some sort of technical problem.

Automating Sales, Onboarding, and Customer Success to Train Over 1 Million Real Estate Agents
Hosted by  Melissa Kwan, Greg Robertson
In this eWebinar case study, Greg Robertson — Cofounder of W+R Studios and Head of Enterprise Sales, MLS + Associations at Lone Wolf Technologies — joins our CEO Melissa for a deep dive into why he loves eWebinar and how it can benefit teams. During their conversation, Greg shares: ✅ Why he was skeptical at first — and how our eWebinar won him over within minutes ✅ How eWebinar generates hands-off leads for his team ✅ What he loves most about the format ✅ How automated webinars work can work for you alongside live events

And to me, what flipped my head with eWebinar was is that I could record the best demo of my software that I've ever done before and that would go out there and live. It wouldn't have any technical problems because I would make sure the sound would be great. The delivery would be great. I would not forget to go over one particular benefit or feature of the product. It would be just perfect.

So when I realized that and I realized I just put that front end work to it and then later on it lives out there in its (kind of) best form ever... that really flipped me. I think there's an expression out there that we all say in business especially when you're running a company or a small business it's like you wish you could clone yourself. And this is the best example of being able to do that because I can record this once, make it a perfect demo or a perfect pitch and then it lives forever as long as I have it out on the internet and people can go into it and interact with it and I don't have to be there. So, it's just fantastic. So that's my aha moment for eWebinar.