"We questioned why we're locking buyers into scheduling a live demo in the next week rather than giving them info right away."

Michael Ashford, Director of Marketing of The Receptionist

Michael Ashford
Michael Ashford, Director of Marketing
The Receptionist
Denver, CO
Sales, SaaS, Product demos

About The Receptionist

The Receptionist for iPad is the original iPad-based visitor management system, and we’ve continued to innovate in the field of visitor management, introducing features like two-way communication and custom visitor button-based workflows. Because of this innovation, and our commitment to our customers, exemplified by our Radical Support™ philosophy, we continue to grow.

We questioned why we're locking buyers into scheduling a live demo in the next week rather than giving them info right away.

[Transcript] My name is Michael Ashford, I'm the Director of Marketing at The Receptionist. We're an iPad based visitor management system headquartered in Denver, Colorado. And I just want to share a few thoughts with you about our experience using eWebinar and the platform to really enhance and build up our marketing efforts on our website.

Before we implemented eWebinar, we were doing the traditional kind of webinar route. We didn't really call them webinars. We called them live demos and we were holding those weekly. And it would take myself and our Director of Sales a little over an hour each week to perform those. They were happening live. So we would actually have to be there and actually putting on that presentation for the few folks who signed up.

And we kind of got to this point where we were wondering, is there a better way to do this? Can we possibly remove some time off of our schedules while better engaging with people at the moment when they're ready to engage with us?

Part of the question that we were asking is why in today's economy and with today's buyers expectations of getting the information that they want right away. Why are we locking them into scheduling a live demo type webinar with us the next week or in two weeks and holding them to a time slot? Rather than doing what the eWebinar product actually allows us to do, which is meet them where they're at, get them the information in their hands and in front of their faces as quickly as possible at the moment that they're ready, they're on our website, they're engaged, they're active. That was really the problem that we were trying to solve.

And by implementing the eWebinar product for what we now call our product tour, it's a 12 minute video run through that just takes you through all of the major features and overviews of our system. Love the interactivity. So we don't lose that element that we were getting in the traditional webinars where people could ask us questions. The attendees could ask us questions. And we could respond right there, live. The interactions within the webinar platform. The ability to do the chat sync through Slack has just been phenomenal in our sales team.

On the marketing side, we love it because we're capturing more leads this way and we're getting better attendance at those sometimes 80, 90, 100% attendance. We've rarely fallen below 90%. I don't think we ever have actually. And our attendance to those weekly live demos previously had been around hovering around the 40% range. And it was just really difficult to get those folks engaged, like I said a week or two after they had initially interacted with us.

It's just closing that window of time and allowing us to meet somebody where they're at, at the moment when they're ready to talk with us and interact with us, rather than always having then meet our expectations and that's just better customer service. That's better marketing. That's better sales all the way around.

We absolutely love the eWebinar platform. And we're looking for ways to expand it to a bunch of other things that we do in our marketing. So this is here to stay for us and we are incredibly excited.

I urge you to give it a try. You will not be disappointed. Your sales reps will not be disappointed. Your marketing team will be happier. It's a great all around tool for anybody looking to enhance what you're already.