"eWebinar has allowed us to go from hosting one or two training sessions a week to offering six sessions a day, five days a week."

Sati Leavitt, Head of Learning & Dev of SkySlope


How SkySlope went from 1-2 webinars a week to 30 and counting

When it comes to managing real estate transactions, there are a lot of moving parts. That’s why brokerages and agents across the US and Canada have turned to SkySlope for their transaction management needs. 

SkySlope offers custom tailored software to complement what each individual brokerage is already doing while also making those processes run better. The company works closely with each client throughout their journey, helping them meet their goals and push towards success.

Sati Leavitt, head of learning & development at SkySlope, spoke with us about how the company uses eWebinar to teach its customers how to get the most out of the platform. 

Hi, Sati! Thank you for joining me today. Can you begin by telling me about yourself and SkySlope?

Sure. My name is Sati Leavitt, and I'm the head of learning and development at SkySlope, a real estate tech company that provides real estate digital transaction management for brokerages across the US and Canada. We also provide a forms platform and disclosures platform, and have some new products coming soon!

What problems were you guys struggling with before eWebinar?

We were providing weekly live trainings to our customers via Zoom. We were doing that in a webinar style, so everyone was muted.


We were on rinse-and-repeat with those trainings; they were existing products that we’d had for a long time. We had a live trainer for every one of those sessions, along with a moderator to answer all of the questions live. 

Before eWebinar, we were running the same training over and over. It wasn’t the best utilization of our customer success team’s time.” 

That was taking two people per training, several times a week. It was the same training over and over, and not the best utilization of our customer success team’s time. 

How does SkySlope use eWebinar today?

We have about 12 eWebinars live now. For those trainings that were once rinse-and-repeat, we now have six sessions a day, five days a week, instead of just one or two sessions a week. So there’s more availability for those courses. 

“We’ve been able to add more courses because we don’t need anyone to do live trainings anymore.” 

We know that real estate agents often don’t have a set time available to watch trainings, so now they have more opportunities to watch.


We’ve been able to add more courses because we don’t need someone to actually be training live. 

What are the benefits you’ve seen from using eWebinar?

We’ve definitely had a higher attendance rate. One other thing that I love about eWebinar is the interactions. Instead of us having to train our customer success team and make sure they’re utilizing best practices during the trainings, we’re utilizing the eWebinar interactions and really getting our customers engaged while they’re taking the training. We love that it still has the live support so we can go ahead and answer those questions real-time. But the biggest thing has been seeing the attendance rates go up for the webinars we offer.

“Our webinar attendance rates have gone up since we started using eWebinar.” 

When we’re able to train our users on how to use our product and the best practices and workflows, and they’re actually able to attend the courses, then we see an increase in adoption, which is big. 

How do agents feel about the eWebinar hybrid format?

The majority of our ratings are four to five stars, so they’re giving us great feedback.


We haven’t received any negative feedback regarding the chat support, even if there’s a delay in our response. 

“We haven’t gotten any negative feedback about eWebinar. It’s all been very positive.” 

There hasn’t been any negative feedback whatsoever, it’s all been very positive. 

How do you think you've helped your company by implementing the system?

Well, at first I had to sell eWebinar a little bit to the team – but now it seems like every week I’m getting requests for new eWebinars from our product team, our CS team, and our sales team. 

I’m glad to hear everyone is happy with eWebinar. What was the initial pushback?

Well, pushback tends to happen any time there’s change, and the team was used to providing those live trainings. There was also a little concern that any delay in responding to agents’ questions would have a negative impact on our trainings, but the truth is as long as they get their questions answered, they’re happy. 

What do you love most about the platform?

I love the customization aspect. I think those interactions are key because customers tend to check out during webinars – even if they’re live and you’re talking straight to them. 


So having the ability to use all the different interactions is great, and so is the call to action at the end. 

“The interactions offered by eWebinar are key to keeping customers engaged.” 

Then there’s the obvious point I stated earlier, that we no longer have to provide those live trainings at the same time every week, which gives more opportunities for our customers to attend trainings. 

Who would you recommend eWebinar to?

I’d recommend it to anyone who is providing training to their customers when it's the same training over and over again. I really can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from eWebinar, if they’re providing regular training to their customers. 


Thank you for your time, Sati! I’m happy to hear that SkySlope has made its training easier and less stressful with eWebinar!

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