"eWebinar gives us the ability to deliver personalized experiences at scale in a way that just wasn't possible before."

Andrew Flachner, Cofounder & President of RealScout

eWebinar gives us the ability to deliver personalized experiences at scale in a way that just wasn't possible before

[Transcript] My name is Andrew Flachner. I'm the Cofounder and President of RealScout. We are a SaaS company in the PropTech space. We help home buyers and real estate agents find the right home faster.

At our company, we use eWebinar for onboarding and training agents at scale after we sign up a brokerage customer.

Before eWebinar, we had to put a lot more people, power and hours into developing these trainings and delivering them with new enterprise customers. We did a lot more one-on-one meetings before eWebinar and in this industry, there's a lot of agents coming in and joining brokerages. So there's always a lot of new users that had to be onboarded. And so we hoped for a better way to scale these webinars and eWebinar is what we found.

Now we're able to train thousands of agents every week and captivate our prospects without needing to over invest in training resources and set up all these one-on-one meetings. We're also able to focus on developing new business and close more deals without overloading our success team.

What I love most about eWebinar is that we have the ability now to deliver personalized experiences at scale, it's allowed for us to engage more customers in ways that we just haven't been able to in the past.

I would recommend eWebinar to anyone who is looking to scale their company, or maybe any company that's going through a growth spurt, because it's going to allow you to scale more efficiently.

It's really hard to imagine a world that we were living in before eWebinar, and we're really grateful for the product!


Andrew Flachner, Cofounder & President
Mountain View, CA
Real estate tech, SaaS
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About RealScout

Imagine your dream house. How would you describe it? Does natural light flow in through skylights and french doors? Are the streets lined with trees? A good Realtor learns what you're looking for and suggests homes based on his or her intimate understanding of the inventory in a particular neighborhood. Ironically, the way people describe the home they're searching for is incompatible with today's real estate search portals. RealScout is laying the foundation for a more personal home search.