"eWebinar automated our demo process so we no longer spend half a day, every single day just on demo calls."

Mark Thompson, Cofounder of PayKickstart

eWebinar automated our demo process so we no longer spend half a day, every single day just on demo calls.

[Transcript] It's Mark Thompson. I'm one of the Founders of PayKickstart. We're a subscription billing and affiliate management solution.

One of the painful challenges that we had to overcome was having to conduct demo after demo manually for prospects that were coming to our website, and that were interested in the product, but weren't ready to sign up for a free trial. They wanted to learn more about it and make sure that it was going to fit their needs.

And so we stumbled upon eWebinar and it really solved that challenge by having to automate that demo process, so we didn't have to spend half our day, every single day, just on demo calls, going through the same demo over and over again.

And so what eWebinar has allowed us to do is to be able to automate that and give our time back and be able to put that on autopilot. So now we have prospects that can come in. They can see a professionally created 20 minute demo, which really gives them a broad overview of the platform. And then we can follow up with them afterwards. To really dive into any specifics that we need to address for that particular challenge or that particular customer that's looking to use our platform.

We have a nice call to action at the end that allows them to go and sign up for a free trial. And then that goes into our in-app onboarding experience.

So it really kind of bridged the gap between a brand new, fresh prospect that is not really sure if they want to sign up for the free trial and then get them over that hurdle to sign up, get them into a free trial and get them using our product.

Anyone who is having that same challenge or pain, I highly recommend using eWebinar. Absolutely love it.

They're always adding new features, so strongly recommend it. It's going to save you so much time. Your processes more efficient and get those prospects into your product faster. So great job eWebinar! Love it. And hope you guys will start using it!

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