"The first time that I used eWebinar, I was blown away because I knew what other platforms offered."

Matt Duhon, Marketing Manager of Fortune 500 Mortgage Company

Matt Duhon
Matt Duhon, Marketing Manager
Fortune 500 Mortgage Company
San Diego, CA
Mortgage & financial services
Marketing, Sales, Real estate, Training

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Matt Duhon is on the marketing team for a Fortune 500 mortgage and financial services company.

The first time that I used eWebinar, I was blown away because I knew what other platforms offered.

[Transcript] My name is Matt Duhon. I'm on the marketing team at a Fortune 500 mortgage company & financial services company. Our parent company does insurance and mortgage. I helped produce a VA educational product where we teach military all around the world.

Before eWebinar, we were trying to take off the shelf live webinar products and make their automated solutions actually work. There are a lot of great live webinar platforms out there but all of their automated solutions feel like afterthoughts. They just don't really work the way they should. It's not a purpose-built product like eWebinar is, and that's one of the things that I loved about it.

We use eWebinar as a lead generation tool. We teach a VA mortgage class. We have a dozen or so eWebinars specifically set up for loan officers where we drive traffic from social directly to a loan officer so that officer can build rapport while we automate the educational aspect of our class and use it for lead generation.

We do a lot of internal training, a lot of educational stuff. We teach consumers about mortgages, first time home buyer classes, VA mortgage education.

I can have new hires come on and walk them through the onboarding process. Before eWebinar that was done with a single email and a bunch of links, so we've jazzed that up a little bit using eWebinar and the reception there has been fantastic.

The biggest benefit I've seen from using eWebinar is scalability. Prior to using eWebinar, we were doing 200 classes a year live, constantly. We were constantly teaching the same exact class live. I know that sounds dumb, but I think a lot of people are doing the same thing because the existing automated solutions don't really fit the bill. They're faking the funk a little bit versus being purpose-built.

eWebinar allows us to scale, and that's the most important thing for me. The fit and finish of the product, the design of the website, all that is fantastic. But I think it's second to the functionality and the user experience.

The first time I used eWebinar, I was blown away because I DID know what was out there. I knew what the other platforms offered. When I went to use it the first time, all of a sudden I'm connected to a live person on the other end of this webinar product. They're answering my questions. I couldn't believe it!

The most unexpected benefit I've seen using eWebinar was I was able to use it as a sales tool. That one surprised me a lot. We were trying to close a joint partnership with a thousand agent real estate firm. We were at lunch and this broker owner was going through the list of things that she wanted. As she's talking, I thought, ok, you have an arch perfect for this. I pull my laptop out, log into to eWebinar and register. One of my loan officers in California was running a class at that time. I quickly said to him, I'm in a meeting right now, we're going to ask you some questions and he fired back and he said, let's go.

In that moment, I turned my laptop around and I handed it to this broker and she looks at it and said, what is this? I said, you're in a VA class right now. Ask this guy, anything. And she asked him a stump the chump question. He nailed it because he's an expert and 2 secs later, she's talking to him they're just chatting. She politely thanks him, closes the computer. Turns and looks at me and says, I'm done. I have to have this. I have to have what you guys are doing. This is amazing. And we sealed the deal at the table. I never expected to be able to use eWebinar as a sales tool like that.

eWebinar does what it does better than any other platform. I love that. I love simple tools that are good, they don't try to be all things to all people. eWebinar is not trying to take over the live webinar world. That's important to me because all the other live webinar products out there are trying to take over the automated side of the business as well. eWebinar wants to dominate a certain area. It makes sense. That's one thing I love about it because eWebinar is going to keep getting better and better at the automated space. Whereas everybody else is just going to build features on top of their additional halfway done automated webinar offering.

I would recommend eWebinar to anybody that's trying to teach someone or convey a point that's longer than a, a text message. There are so many different industries that could benefit from this. If you are not using this and you're in mortgage, I have a massive upper hand because I am using it. Same thing with insurance, real estate, any type of education.

If you're a company that is trying to build an educational platform internally for your staff to get trained up on a specific product or a new platform that you're using internally, you could do one quick video, stick it into the webinar and then train your entire staff anywhere in the world.

You can just keep going and going and going. There are so many uses for this product. It's crazy!