"My webinar attendance rate is an impressive 88%, with a conversion rate 3x higher than the industry average."

Jon Schumacher, President of JonSchumacher.com

Why Jon Schumacher chose eWebinar for his business after trying everything else

There are a number of ways for businesses to get new clients, and one of those is by utilizing webinars. No one knows this better than Jon Schumacher, an entrepreneur who has devoted his professional life to helping business owners achieve great things through the power of webinars. 

Jon spoke with us about why eWebinar is his webinar platform of choice for his business, and the platform he recommends to his students and clients. That’s a pretty big deal coming from the guy who hosts the Webinar Mastery Summit, the world’s largest online sales webinar conference! 

We’re delighted he took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us. 

Hi, Jon! Thank you for joining me today. Can you begin by telling me about yourself and your company?

Sure. My name is Jon Schumacher, and I help my students and clients create or optimize their sales webinars – so when I was looking at eWebinar, I was already logged into the webinar space. I had looked at a lot of different automated webinar tools over the years and did quite a bit of research before finally deciding that eWebinar was the platform that I was going to use and that I would also recommend to my clients and students. 

How do you use eWebinar? 

I’m currently using eWebinar mainly for sales and lead generation purposes. My first webinar, which has been up and running for about two months now, has done a fantastic job of generating opt-ins and leads for an online training program that I'm selling through that platform. So I'm primarily using it to sell an online training program, and I'm also using it to generate leads and sales conversations from the people that are ready to speak to me directly. 

What do you love most about eWebinar? 

What I really love about eWebinar is the user interface, for one. It’s a very clean, professional looking platform. It doesn't have a lot of gimmicky internet marketing stuff, and that appeals to my clients and students who tend to be professionals – coaches, consultants, small business owners, people who have an existing business but want to leverage automation, leverage a tool like eWebinar to make more sales or generate more sales conversations for themselves or their sales team. So I love the slick, professional user interface that goes with it.

“eWebinar is a very clean, professional looking platform – there’s no gimmicky internet marketing stuff.” 

I also love the integrations and the ability to plug other technical tools into eWebinar and have it work seamlessly – and it has worked seamlessly!


That’s one thing I tested before using it, as far as passing tags, working with my email tools, my CRM, all those kinds of things. eWebinar has been fantastic for that.

“I love the integrations and the ability to plug other technical tools into eWebinar and have it all work seamlessly.” 

Another thing I love – and so do my prospective clients and students – is the interactive, live hybrid chat that's available. So any time someone has a question, I get a notification, someone on my team gets a notification, and they can jump right into the chat while someone is watching that recording. They can answer their questions and interact with them.

“eWebinar’s live interactive chat is fantastic because it allows you to build trust and rapport with prospective customers.” 

I can tell you from testing this over the last couple months that it has made a big difference when it comes to sales, to have that live interactive functionality. In fact, if you're a B2B professional or you do any sort of coaching/consulting services and your goal is to get them from a webinar recording to a sales call or a sales conversation with you, eWebinar’s live interactive chat is absolutely fantastic for that because it allows you to build rapport, build trust, and get and move people down the pipeline while automating a lot of the initial presentation and lead generation.

How long have you been using eWebinar? 

I've been using eWebinar for the past two months, and I'm really happy with the initial results that I've been able to get.


I've had over 200 hours of webinars being viewed by prospective buyers, which means I don’t have to do live webinars all the time. I don’t have to show up and get on a Zoom or on a webinar platform and actually deliver that content. That’s all happening on autopilot from people who visit my website, or from my affiliate partners, or ad traffic that funnels people into my webinars. So 200 hours saved is awesome! 

“In just a couple months, eWebinar has saved me 200 hours. I don’t have to show up and get on a Zoom call because that’s all happening on autopilot.” 

In addition, 88% of the people who have registered for my webinars have actually attended, which is a high number. The average watch time is 35 minutes. So that allows people to watch all the way through the webinars to the offer that I make in the webinars, which is fantastic.


So everybody who is attending is more or less watching my entire webinar all the way through to my offer. 

“88% of people who register for my webinars actually attend, which is a high number. My webinars convert at 3.2% which is 3x the industry average.” 

Offer and lead to sale, which is the big metric for webinars, is currently converting at 3.2%, and the industry average for the price point that I'm selling is right around 1%. This is a 3x improvement on the industry standard as far as initial testing over these last two months. 

So I’m really happy with the platform. It’s converting well, it looks great, it has all the integrations that I need to run a high-level webinar campaign on autopilot and generate the most amount of sales, and to build the most amount of trust and rapport, as well as generate conversations and sales calls – in addition to the people who buy my programs directly. 

Who would you recommend eWebinar to?

I recommend eWebinar if you do any sort of generation of sales calls. If you’re a service provider, if you're a coach, if you're a consultant, if you run a consulting company, if you sell services, software…anything you do with the goal of your marketing as to generate a call with your sales team or yourself, use eWebinar because it has that live interactive chat functionality. I’m telling you – if you’re a financial planner, a real estate professional, anybody who does any sort of lead generation and the goal is to lead them to a conversation with you or your sales team, use eWebinar for that feature alone. It’s fantastic. 

“eWebinar’s live interactive chat is great for anyone looking to generate a call with prospective customers. Use eWebinar for that feature alone. It’s fantastic.” 

You're going to get a lot more leads from every single webinar. You're going to leverage your time more. I can't state that enough.


I also recommend it for people selling online programs. It has great integrations with your CRMs, your email automation tools. It looks great. Everything works flawlessly. I tested this in great detail before even signing up, and it's been great.

“eWebinar allows you to get more leads and leverage your time more. I can’t state that enough.” 

The team is also great. Melissa, the CEO, is great. The platform is powerful. It does everything I could ever want it to do from the perspective of a webinar automated machine that can really do everything from a simple presentation all the way up to a sophisticated marketing funnel. So I definitely recommend eWebinar and I highly recommend you check it out, grab the trial, and get started.

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